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9 thoughts on “CAC REGISTRATION FEES IN 2023”
    1. As a business owner ,you can register your business solely without needing any onne else to partner with you.You can register your business name or you can go above it and register it as a limited liability company as a sole owner.
      The cost of each varies from one another.
      the documents to register your business name are your means of identification such as national id card,voters card,drivers license ,international passport and affidavit of age register your business name you will send the proposed name to me.
      residential address,email address,date off birth and signature,alongside the business address.
      whatsaap us today

    1. Do you want to change your business name? price is N20k, For change of Business type from partnership to sole proprietorship, price is N20k.

  1. Expert advice. Really appreciate.
    Can I do exporting business using a Business Name registered as a Transport business?

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