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You have a business in Nigeria and plans to establish a similar business in Ukraine,or vice versa.

The process to register a company in Ukraine or Nigeria shall be well elaborated in this article.

in Ukraine company registration depends largely on the business structure.

in Nigeria,company registration depends on the business structure as well.

Both jurisdiction accepts the Registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) .

in Ukraine a limited liability company is the most common business structure for locals and foreigners alike.

In Nigeria, a foreigner or local can register a business as either a limited liability company, or a business name(sole proprietorship or partnership).

How to open a Business name in Nigeria by foreigners:

The first step towards registering a business name as sole proprietor or partnership in Nigeria,is by contacting a corporate consultant who is an accredited cac agent.

The process usually requires the consultant to find out if the foreigner business structure suites within the concept of business name registration in Nigeria.

The consultant will take the information of the proprietor/partners involved in the business.

The consultant will ask for the foreigners CERPAC identity card.

The consultant will ask for minimum of two proposed names for search and reservation purposes.

The consultant will ask for the international passport,and passport photo of the proprietors and partners.

The consultant will ask for a business address and a residential address of the business and proprietors.

The consultant will ask for the email address and phone contact of the proprietors.

How to Open a Limited liabilty Company by a foreigner in Nigeria

  • The consultant will ask for Proposed Name of the Company this is usually two Names
  • The consultant will ask for the Nature of Principal business the company will be engaged in
  • The consultant will ask for the Registered Office Address of the Company
  • The consultant will ask for the Type of Company to be incorporated : (Private or Public Company)
  • The consultant will ask for the Particulars of the Director(s): (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Number, Email Address, Forms of Identification- International Passport).
  • The consultant will ask for the Particulars of Shareholder(s): (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Phone Number, Email Address, Forms of Identification- International Passport),
  • The consultant will ask for the Percentage of shares to be held by each shareholder in case the company will have more than one shareholder.
  • The consultant will ask for the Particulars of the Company Secretary (Company Secretary is no longer mandatory for a small company within the new law).

The Cost of Registering a Limited liability Company in Nigeria Vs Ukraine– The average price for a LLC registration in Nigeria is $200, this is however for citizens,for foreigners the minimum share capital is ten million, thereby the average price for LLC registration by a foreigner is USD $1500. this includes the issuance of certificate of incorporation with corporate affairs commission,the articles and memorandum of association of the company. this does not include registration with Nigeria investment promotion council,business permit or other registrations required by the government for a foreigner.

The Minimum cost of opening an LLC company in Ukraine as a foreigner is USD $600

This includes all of the notary fees as well as a temporary director and business address.

What are Documents required to register an LLC in Ukraine:

  1. Your consultant will ask you for a Notarized power of attorney.
  2. Your Consultant will make an Application for the registration of this new legal entity
  3. Your Consultant will ask for Two original hard copies of the minutes of meetings,from proprietors, this minutes of meeting shall evidence a resolution by the proprietors on incorporating a new legal entity  
  4. Your Consultant will ask for Two original hard copies of the signed charter  (under Ukrainian law, the charter of a newly created LLC MUST be signed by all participants in the presence of a notary public)
  5. Your Consultant will request at your discretion, an application opting for the simplified tax system and/or application for state registration as a VAT-payer (sales tax) 


  1. You must supply the consultant the Details of the commercial address/ office where the company will be located
  2. You will supply the consultant with Information regarding the main types/nature of business
  3. You will supply the consultant with the Details of the executive body,these are the persons in the management of the proposed company along with notarized copies of their passport, identification code, and address of registration.
    1. NOTE – in Ukrainian law, a LOCAL MUST be appointed the director of a newly created company, as a work permit is required for a foreign national before the company can employ such a Nigeria, there is no compulsory requirement to appoint a Nigerian as a director in the company.
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The regulating law, CAMA 2020, allows a foreigner to establish a company in Nigeria and own same 100%. The law also does not preclude a foreigner from being a director in a Nigerian company. Consequently, a foreigner seeking to do business in Nigeria can be a director of a Nigerian company.

However, a foreign director may not be appointed as a Managing Director of a company or be a signatory to a bank account unless such a person has obtained a requisite work permit, specifically the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC).

  1. ULTIMATE BENEFICIAL OWNERS(UBO) The consultant will ask for Information about the ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) of the founder
    1. The law of ukraine requires the following information to be provided about the UBO:
      1. Full name 
      2. Date of birth
      3. Personal tax ID number
      4. Passport information 
      5. Country of citizenship
      6. Address of place of residence

LLC Registration Time frame in Ukraine Vs Nigeria

Once the documents are in hand, it does not take long to finish registering the company in Ukraine. Typically this takes 1 or 2 working Nigeria,it takes 24 hours to obtain name search and reservation.the applicant must complete registration within 60 days of the reservation of the name.

Foreign Citizen Can be a Director of a Ukrainian Company

Once you register a company in Ukraine, it is entitled to employ foreigners after obtaining a permit of employment (often referred to as a “work permit”). business permit is a must for foreigners wishing to carry on business in nigeria, see section 8(1) a & b of immigration Act 2004, the permit is necessary whether as a branch/subsidiary or otherwise.

In order for a foreigner to have the right to temporarily reside in Ukraine, they must apply for and obtain a long-term visa “Type D” issued by the consulate of Ukraine. in Nigeria, the foreigner wishing to enter nigeria can apply for the following categories of visa: Transit visa, business visa, temporary work permit, visa on arrival, subject to regularisation visa, or diplomatic visa, this must be done in the Nigerian embassy of the foreigner country.


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