How To Send Money To Nigeria  From The United Kingdom

Are you searching for ways to send money to Nigeria from the UK without much hassle? If yes, then look no further, as the post has all the information you need about sending money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It’s common for people, especially Nigerians living in the United kimgdom, to ask questions about sending money to their family, friends, and clients in Nigeria. In fact, it’s a very popular search on Google, which is why we put up this post to give clear information about the hows, wheres, and steps to follow to do that.

Following the central bank of Nigeria’s restriction or limitation on international transactions in 2020, sending money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, which had plenty of alternatives, is now reduced to a few.

3 Ways To Send Money To Nigeria From The United Kingdom

-Bank to bank transfer

This is a very easy way of sending money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. It is also the most reliable and trusted.

Your recipient, who may be your family, friend, or client, must have a domiciliary account with his or her local bank. Plus, the account must be able to receive GBP.

If your recipient has yet to get a domiciliary account, inform the person prior to when you are going to be making the transaction so he or she can send you the account number and the British bank name linked to the account. All he or she has to do is walk into his or her local bank and request a domiciliary account opening, submit the required documents, get the account number, and activate it.

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All you have to do is run a transfer to the domiciliary account or deposit the money at the UK bank linked to the domiciliary account. Usually, it takes an hour or more before the person receives the money, and sometimes up to three working days.

-Use of money transfer apps or platforms

Using international money transfer apps or websites is the most common option to send money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. This is mostly due to the ease that comes with it. Plus, your recipient can receive the money in a matter of minutes or hours.

Before now, there were plenty of websites and apps that offered this service, but due to the central bank restrictions, only a few platforms could be used to send money to Nigeria from the UK. Some of these include Worldremit, Instarem, Remitly, Western Union, and Money Gram. These apps or websites are some of the most trusted platforms for sending money to Nigeria from the UK.

How To Send Money To Nigeria With International Money Transfer Providers

International money transfer apps allow you to send money to a Nigerian bank account with ease. The likes of Worldremit and Western Union also offer cash pickups and airtime top-ups. To use any of these apps, all you have to do is:

Download the app from Play Store or App Store, and sign up.

Click on “Bank Transfer” and input the amount you want to send.

Choose the bank you want to send it to. You can send it to the Nigerian bank account you want to send it to. Some of the available Nigerian banks include Ecobank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, GTBank, Fidelity, UBA, and Access Bank.

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Pay with your preferred payment option: bank transfer, credit card payment, or debit card payment.

Your recipient will get an email or SMS when the money arrives.

3. Cryptocurrency 

This is a very unpopular way, but it’s probably the fastest way to send money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. Within minutes, your recipient will receive funds in their crypto wallet and proceed to Binance or other crypto platforms to exchange for cash.

All you have to do is fund your crypto wallet or purchase any stable crypto like tether, USDT, or bitcoin. Get your Nigerian recipient’s wallet address and transfer any amount worth the sum you want to send if you were to use bank transfers. Your recipient will receive it in a matter of minutes.

This method of sending money to Nigeria from the UK is only advisable for people who are familiar with cryptocurrencies. Though the downside and delay are extremely low as compared to other viable options like bank transfers or using international money transfer apps.

How long does it take to transfer money to Nigeria from the UK?

For some of the options, it takes a few minutes or hours; however, it can sometimes take up to 3 working days before the money arrives.

Which app is the best to transfer money to Nigeria from the UK?

Worldremit, Remitly, and Western Union are among the best. However, based on reviews and transfer charges, Worldremit is arguably the best.

Bottom Line

Thanks to advancements in digital technology, sending money from the United States or other foreign countries to Nigeria has become easy, with plenty of viable alternatives.


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