Liberty Pay Pos In Nigeria: In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its payment ecosystem, with digital payment solutions playing a pivotal role in driving financial inclusion and economic growth. One such innovative solution making waves in the market is Liberty Pay POS. In this blog post, we will delve into the features, benefits, and impact of Liberty Pay POS in Nigeria’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, and how to become an agent of liberty pay pos, pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Liberty Pay Pos is a product of Liberty Assured Group Limited, which has its commercial services running in Nigeria. the group head office is located at 27 Alara Street, Onike, Lagos, Nigeria

Liberty Assured Group Limited services are Quick advance of loans to salary earners, loan advance for personal and business loans ,peer to peer investment with a promised return of 30 per cent per annum on investment, and also pos business operations through liberty pay pos.

Liberty Pay is a premier digital payment solutions service provider leveraging the use of technology of multiple digital channels to provide payment solutions through mobile, in-store locations, online and wallets to its customers nationwide.


Liberty Pay are in need of pos agents in Nigeria, the company has made it easy to acquire their pos.

The pos can function with or without network. in order to become an agent, you need to register on their platform through this link, the requirements will include your means of identity cards, your utility bill and BVN, passport photograph.

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How much is the charges for deposit and withdrawal?

Withdrawal charges for liberty pay agents are:

  • 1k = 5 naira
  • 2k = 10 naira
  • 3k = 15 naira
  • 4k = 20 naira
  • 5k = 25 naira
  • 6k = 30 naira
  • 7k = 35 naira
  • 8k = 40 naira
  • 9k = 45 naira
  • 10k = 50naira
  • 11k = 55naira
  • 12k = 60 naira
  • 13k = 65 naira
  • 14k = 70 naira
  • 15k = 75 naira
  • 16k = 80 naira
  • 17k = 85 naira
  • 18k = 90 naira
  • 19k = 95 naira
  • 20k = 100 naira
  • 20k to 2 million naira = 100 naira

The charges for Deposits is still N20 flat for liberty pay pos agents.

There are benefits of becoming Liberty pay Pos agent, with high volume of successful transactions, you can earn as high as N200k per month as Liberty Pos agent.

Also as a liberty pay pos agent ,you can request for business loans and also save on your app, sell airtime, and data to customers.

LIBERTY POS RELATIONSHIP MANAGERS-Liberty pay also employs relationship managers, please contact liberty pay to find out your eligibility. As a relationship manager, you are entitled to branded shirt and cap of liberty pay, as well as instant loan.

Liberty pay pos features.

Liberty pay pos device has a lot features.

What are the Features? yes the features of liberty pay pos are listed below:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Airtime/Data
  • Airtime Pin print
  • Utilities- Dstv, Gotv e.t.c
  • Betting
  • Loans for agents
  • Loans for customers
  • Lottery
  • Make N50 for account opening
  • Transfer by Card
  • Cardless withdrawal (USSD)
  • Check Balance by card
  • Agent book keeping ledger
  • Savings for Agents
  • Agents can get ATM cards
  • Offline functionality with no network challenge

Liberty Pay Pos Pricing:

Every registered customer of liberty pay gets to pay the token of N25k to get the pos, it is not an acquisition, rather a fee for onboarding , the Pos belongs to liberty Pay. The agent is to use it in line with the terms and conditions, and where there is any issue, the agent can reach out for easy resolutions.

Is there refund of the onboarding fee?According to liberty pay, only 50 per cent of the fee is refundable if the terminal is in tact.

Liberty Pay Pos Customer care line

Liberty pay customer care numbers are 012706255 (call)
08179458960 (Whatsapp Number)
Email Address: You can also send a mail to and they will assist you or download their app here

Conclusion: Liberty Pay POS is a game-changer in Nigeria’s payment ecosystem, empowering merchants, expanding customer options, and driving financial inclusion. Its innovative features, enhanced security, and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. With Liberty Pay POS, Nigeria is well on its way to embracing a cashless future that fosters economic growth, efficiency, and convenience for all.

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