You know the popular quote that he who refuses to plan,plans to fail,in business its no exception., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Inside business your business marketing strategies is what shows your experience and intelligence to go a long way.

A business marketing strategy is a step by step path you follow to start,grow,sustain and consolidate your business goodwill.

You may ask what are the common marketing strategies for business growth.. in marketing these are proven ways of building a business from scratch . In your business strategies these are your foundational steps.

i. TARGET AUDIENCE– before you set out to do business whether small or big scale business ,you must first identify your Target audience, who they are and their behaviors,likes and dislikes. An audience for an educational institute is different from an audience of a real estate construction firm.

ii. IDENTIFY YOUR PRIMARY GOAL OF BUSINESS: it might be easy to start a business, but very difficult to stick to the primary goal of starting the business. your primary goal of starting the business ,helps you building a powerful business strategy and as a result it is one of your business strategy,find it and stick with it.

iii. CREATE AN ONLINE STORE OR WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS:in this century, we are in the information age, if your business does not populate the gamut of online space,it might not be found,if its not found,profit might not be made. so choose e-commerce stores and list your stores with them,or create a powerful website and manage it till it grows in traffic.

iv. INVEST IN ADVERTISEMENT– Advertisement is the life wire of any business,a business not running ads repeatedly loses thousands of potential customers. almost everyone goes to search engines such as,,, to find answers to their queries,ads on these platforms will definitely get you customers.if your business marketing strategy includes serving ads on any of these platforms,well you have high prospect.


v. PARTNER WITH BLOGGERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS: in 2022 we are in informational age,almost every thing is now within public discuss, a business marketing strategy that includes sponsored reviews and posts by bloggers attracts alot of potential clients and helps in building the goodwill of such business. it is advised not to leave social influencers aside,as billions of people are using social networks such as facebook,twitter,instagram to catch fun, so these social media influencers has alot of page followers and fans ,utilizing them will increase your brand awareness.

vi. BILLBOARDS AND OFFLINE MARKETING: Billboards advertisement still works in 2022, believe in cities such as lagos ,with huge road traffic,there millions of views on billboards everyday by passengers,finding a good positioned bill board will increase your brand awareness.

vii. RADIO JINGLES AND PODCASTS: Mostly what we have everyday tend to stick to our brain consciously or unconsciously. believe the effect of radio jingles and pod casts has lasting effect and can convert faster because most people believe that conventionally every thing advertised on radio has a way of affecting their lives positively.invest in radio jingles and podcasts as a business marketing strategy.

iv. INVEST IN TELEVISIONS ADS: Most people watch t.v series and episodes of different movies. if your business is always advertising and creates memory with their loved film they will certainly trust your brand unconsciously. we know what we see tends to create a message to the brain, it shapes our thoughts,lives a powerful impact on our daily decisions.start making use of videos and advertisement on televisions to get clients.

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v. DO ROAD SHOW: Any business that adopts road show as its business marketing strategy,certainly solves numerous questions people have about them when they see them online.your online campaign will not be complete without a road show to further convince the public that the business has come to stay.

vi. DO EMAIL MARKETING: in this informational age there billions of email accounts and they owned by people and organisations,run ads directly to them via their email, get the m subscribe to your newsletter and re-target them in your campaigns .

vii. DO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION– yes in 2022, search engine optimisation is still a marketing strategy, your business needs to be visible when people search for keywords related to it. write a good content and optimise the content with good back-links ,it will certainly be visible in search engines for keywords focusing on it or similar to it. search engine optimization increases the trust people have for your business.

viii. DO GIVEAWAY AND PROMO ON YOUR PAGE: in 2022, people wil most likely trust a business that gives a huge discount,promos and frquent giveaway on their page(Facebook and twitter/Instagram) than a business with giveaways and promos .your business must adopt giveaways as a business strategy and constantly post on your page too, it makes your audience expect more. it does not matter the little amount you have to do giveaway or promo,it is part of building fans on the page.

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