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CAC Registration in Nigeria, Check cac registration fees 2023.

Corporate affairs commission updated price for business name, limited liability and non governmental organisations in 2023.

Cac business name registration fees in 2023, has not changed ,the entire format of business name registration is still the same. In 2023, alot of people had the belief that cac free business name registration continued, the free business name registration had ended

Cac Official filing fee for a business name registration is N10,700, this is the official charge including the fee for remita.

in the actual sense, its looks cheap, but the business name would not be complete without completing other requirement such as objectives of the business name,date of birth of the proprietor,identity card of the proprietor,business and residential address of the proprietor,the passport photograph of the proprietors,signature of the proprietor,phone number and email address of the proprietor.


In order to complete a business name registration in Nigeria the following are requirements:

i. Scanned copies of passport photograph(s) of proprietor(s)

ii. Federal government identity card(Drivers license,international passport,voters card,national identity card,affidavit of age declaration)

iii. Residential address of the proprietor

iv. Commercial address of the business

v. Business objectives

vi. Date of birth of the proprietor

vii.Email address and phone number of the proprietor

Consultants fee for Business name Registration- mostly all the cac consultants have massive input and experience they bring to bear, so price depends on what the consultant choice,mostly N25,000 can register a business name.


After gathering the money for cac Company registration, the next step is to embark on the steps.

The following are the steps.

i. Conduct a cac name search for company registration using cac portal– in order to conduct a search with cac, your purpose for such search is very essential, the purpose for such search could be for name substitution,change of name,new registration and change of business name to limited.

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In order to conduct search visit ,to start the process,if you are not an accredited cac agent,kindly contact us,or reach any accredited cac agent.

ii. Payment: The payment for the proposed name is very essential,you can start payment for the registration by using remita retrival code or pay online through remita payment channel. (fee is six hundred naira)

iii. Result of the Search-The result of the cac search comes in under 24 hours or more, Wait for the Result of the search, result is usually what determines what you do next.

iv. Drafting and Preparation of the company Memorandum and Articles of Association- A good example of company memorandum and articles of an association of a company specifies the objectives of the company, the objectives of the company define what a company can validly do, a good articles of association of the company will state the voting rights of the shareholders and pre-emptive rights of the share holders.

v. Filing the online information :The cac agent makes sure the share holders gets their shares in units and then states the persons with significant control of the company.It is essential that the company promoter ,knows this details very well, uploading the identity card and signature of the directors,secretary,and shareholder through the portal for assessment.

vii. Submission of the Application to Federal inland Revenue Service:The federal inland revenue service is prime partner with cac during pre-incorporation of a company in Nigeria, the agency is tasked with the duty of collecting for the federal government, the assessed tax on the share capital of the company, this is called stamp duties charge, the stamp duties charge is calculated advalorem, and companies must comply, before the company is issued a tax identification number, the tax identification number is very essential when opening a corporate account with any bank in Nigeria. A company with no Tax identification number will not get to open a corporate account with any commercial bank.

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SCUML CERTIFICATE-Under the special control unit on money laundering, the economic and financial crimes commission is tasked with the duty of making sure that companies are not set up with the purpose of engaging in money laundering, the vital provisions of money laundering ACT and EFCC ACT prohibits money laundering in Nigeria. In setting up a business in Nigeria as a company, and with an object of investment and finance and commerce, the directors of the company are expected to obtain from EFCC, A CERTIFICATE OF UNDERTAKING OF NOT ENGAGING IN MONEY LAUNDERING called SCUML CERTIFICATE.

To get a Scuml certificate before opening a corporate account,the Managing director of the company must submit his or her Bank verification number(bvn) ,national identification number,utility bill,two passports photograph and national identification card or any federal identity card.


1Reservation of Name600
2Registration of business name10,000.00
3Filing of notice of change of business name5,000.00
4Filing of notice of change in business address1,000.00
5Filing of notice of change in proprietorship1,000.00
6Filing of annual return3,000.00
7Filing of notice of cessation of business1,000.00
8Filing of other documents (miscellaneous)1,000.00
9Search on business name file1,000.00 per business name file
10Certified true copy of business name certificate of registration5,000.00
11Certified true copies of other documents2,000.00 per document

Registration of a company or incorporated trustee attracts fees, but they are not the same amount compared to business names.

A company ,limited by shares or unlimited or limited by guarantee has its own price list.

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A break down of the cac price list for companies are shown below.

Cac Price Checklist for a Company in Nigeria

1Reservation of NameN500.00
2Registration of private company with share capital of N1million or lessN10,000.00
3Registration of private company/Increase in Share Capital above N1million and up to N500millionN5,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
4Registration of private company/Increase in share capital above N500millionN7,500.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
5Registration of Public company/Increase in share capitalN20,000.00 for the first N1million share capital or part thereof
6Registration of Public Company/Increase in share capital above N1million and up to N500millionN10,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
7Registration of Public Company/increase in share capital above N500millionN15,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
8Registration of Company not having a share capitalN20,000.00
9Filing of notice of exemption of foreign Companies from RegistrationN30,000.00
10Re-instatement/Relisting of company nameN25,000.00
11Registration of charges for private companyN10,000.00 for every N1million or part thereof
12Registration of charges for public companyN20,000.00 for every 1Million or part thereof
13Filing of annual return for a small CompanyN2,000.00
14Filing of annual return for Private company other than a small companyN3,000.00
15Filing of annual return for public companyN5,000.00
16Filing of annual return for company Limited by GuaranteeN5,000.00
17Filing of annual report by foreign companiesN5,000.00
18Filing of statement in form of schedule 14 under section 553N10,000.00
19Filing of notice of merger/acquisitionN50,000.00
20Filing of special resolution for mergerN20,000.00
21Filing of other documents relating to mergerN10,000.00
22Filing of statutory declaration of solvencyN5,000.00
23Registration of appointment of liquidatorN10,000.00
24Registration of resolution for winding upN10,000.00
25Filing of return of final meeting and account of liquidationN5,000.00
26Filing of notice of change of company nameN10,000.00
27Filing of notice of alteration of memorandum and articles of associationN5,000.00
28Filing of notice of changes in particulars of directorsN2,000.00
29Filing of return of allotment and or notice of change in shareholdingN2,000.00
30Filing of notice of change in registered addressN2,000.00
31Filing of notice of appointment of receiverN10,000.00
32Filing of notice of discharge of receiverN5,000.00
33Filing of notice of change of signatureN2,000.00
34Filing of notice of reduction in share capital by public companyN20,000.00
35Filing of notice of reduction in share capital by private companyN10,000.00
36Filing of deed of release by public companyN10,000.00
37Fiiling of deed of release by private companyN5,000.00
38Application for extension of time for holding of annual general meeting by public companyN10,000.00
39Application for extension of time for holding of annual general meeting by private companyN5,000.00
40Letter of Good StandingN10,000.00
41Other filings (miscellaneous)N2,000.00
42Certified true copy of certificate of registrationN10,000.00
43Certified true copies of memorandum and articles of associationN3,000.00
44Electronic SearchN1,000.00per company
45Manual Search by customersN2,000.00 per company file
46Manual Search Report prepared by officers of the CommissionN5,000.00
47Certified true copies of other documentsN2,000.00 per document
48Consent for Restricted NamesN5,000.00

How to Start Business name Registration with Cac

in 2022, choosing to formalise your business could be for various reasons.

How to register a business name in Nigeria , a business name registration is different from a company registration.

To Register a business name in Nigeria, you need to follow these steps.

i. Choose a name for your business.

ii. Define the nature of your business ,for example trading ,buying and selling of goods and services, importation, exportation, real estate marketing,digital marketing,plumbing and woodwork making, etc.

iii. Search for cac website on google or download cac forms

iv. Register with cac and create an account as a public user using your email address, phone number .

v. Apply for name availability and reservation search.

vi. if the result is positive , take your approved name.

vii. open a segment of cac portal for registration.

vii. fill the online forms and pay for the registration.


In order to successfully register a business name, make sure you don’t choose a name similar or conflicting with a registered business name. Also, it is essential to avoid using a name resembling federal or state government appendage, the name must not create a representation that you are government body, neither should the objects confer to you the role and function of government agencies. For example, receiving and collecting tax is purely a government agency job and not your duty to start mentioning it on your objects.

To register a business name ,your identity card must be handy, you need a federal identity card,and one person alone can register a business name. note you will need not need a witness to complete your registration unlike in a company registration.

Cac Registration is now done online, this is in line of ease of doing business adopted by the commission.

Any person who is interested in carrying on business with the commission, must know few things about cac registration and post registration forms or find an accredited cac agent .


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    1. As a business owner ,you can register your business solely without needing any onne else to partner with you.You can register your business name or you can go above it and register it as a limited liability company as a sole owner.
      The cost of each varies from one another.
      the documents to register your business name are your means of identification such as national id card,voters card,drivers license ,international passport and affidavit of age register your business name you will send the proposed name to me.
      residential address,email address,date off birth and signature,alongside the business address.
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    1. Do you want to change your business name? price is N20k, For change of Business type from partnership to sole proprietorship, price is N20k.

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