How To Make Money On Tiktok in Nigeria (2024 Update)

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Tiktok is currently one of the leading social media platforms since it’s creation in 2016. Most Nigerians are so obsessed with Tiktok to the extent that most people, including artistes and influencers, have become video creators.

The short video platform was built for the purpose of creating short skits, sounds, mimicks, comedy, short interviews, and lots of other creative videos. Its creators can also add any music or sounds to create videos. There are also a number of ways you can create and edit your videos; the features are just too many.

Since watching Tiktok is becoming part of the everyday lives of Nigerians, many people keep on asking questions like these: Does Tiktok pay its creators like YouTube? Do I earn on Tiktok? Can I promote my products on Tiktok? Well, these and many other questions are being asked by Nigerians everyday.

Actually, Tiktok is completely different from YouTube, which trades ads for video views to pay its creators. Tiktok is not into advertising like YouTube, so there is little or no way to get paid by Tiktok as a creator. But still, there are lots of ways you can make hundreds of thousands, or even more, on Tiktok.

So we decided to write this post to educate you on how you can turn Tiktok video creation into a full-time career yet make passive income from it.

14 Proven Ways To Make Money On Tiktok in Nigeria

1.Sign up For Sound.me

Just recently, Tiktok initiated a platform called sound.me. It’s a platform created to specifically help musicians promote their music.

Tiktokers can earn on Tiktok with sound.me. Once you sign up and link sound.me to your Tiktok account, you can select from their list of sounds and music and create videos with them. Thus, earning per view on the video.

   How Much Does Sound.me Pay Per View?

Your earning depends on the number of views each of the videos you create with sound.me generates. Each view is worth $0.0035. A million views on any video gives you $35, 100,000 gives you $350, and a million views gives you $1,035.

  How to Register for a Sound.me Account

You can sign up for Sound.me by following these easy steps.

•Vist https://sound.me on your browser

•You will then be prompted to sign up by logging in with your Tiktok Account on your browser. •Enter your log in information and sign in to Tiktok (you can also sign in with your phone number, email address, or Facebook).

•Click to permit Sound.me access to your Tiktok account.

•Your dashboard displays, meaning you’ve signed up.

 Eligibility Requirements

There are no additional requirements attached to this. Everyone can start earning from it. There is no maximum threshold; just sign up, follow the instructions, and start earning.

  How Do I Withdraw My Earnings?

You can have your earnings withdrawn once you reach the

payment threshold into your PayPal account and then transferred to your local bank account from there

2.Sell Your Products On Tiktok

One brilliant way to earn money as a creator on Tiktok is by selling your products on Tiktok. As long as you have thousands of followers. You can just create videos whereby you tell your viewers about what you sell and implore them to patronize you. Clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches, and other fashion items are the best to promote on Tiktok.


You just drop your contact or Whatsapp so people can contact you to make orders for the ones they like. They pay and you get a waybill to their place. With a large audience, you are definitely going to make lots of sales.

3.Tiktok Creators’ Funds

Tiktok Creators Funds is a Tiktok initiative to appreciate content creators for creating videos on Tiktok.

Once you are signed up and meet the eligibility requirements, you can start earning on Tiktok with Tiktok funds. One important thing is that your content must be unique and not plagiarized.

Unfortunately, the Tiktok Creators fund is not available for Nigerian Tiktokers. You can only earn from it if you are a Nigerian residing in one of the allowed countries.

How Much Can I Earn With Tiktok Creators Funds?

The sum you earn depends on different factors; the number of views, uniqueness, engagements, and if it aligns with community guidelines and policy.

   Eligibility Requirements

Before you can apply and start earning on Tiktok with Tiktok’s Creators fund, you need to meet these requirements:

•You must be at least 18 years of age.

•You must reside in or be a citizen of any of these countries: Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, or Italy.

•You must have a minimum of 10,000 active Tiktok followers

•You must have up to a minimum of 100,000 video views in total in the last 30 days;

•Your account must have no records of violations of policies and should follow community guidelines.

4.Become A Brand Influencer

There are lots of brands out there looking for influencers to become their ambassadors. In as much as you have lots of followers, you can write to them that you want to be their brand ambassador, which most of them won’t refute, especially after seeing the number of followers you have.

Luckily, you can also get these deals by advertising or making use of a brand’s product in your videos. Once the brand notices it, they might consider signing you as their brand influencer.

Your work as a brand influencer is primarily to help get people to know the brand and its products through your influence. Apart from getting paid as a signed ambassador, you also get to build your influence more.

5 Paid Advertisements

This is just another cr*zy Tiktok earning idea. Like I’ve said in previous paragraphs, once you have enough followers, you have a community under you already, so you can do lots of things that can profit you with them.

You can help brands or individuals advertise their products in any of your videos. They pay you for the service based on the amount you both agreed on.

6.Collect Tiktok Coins

This is another feature on Tiktok that can earn you money. There’s a feature on the Tiktok app where people can buy Tiktok coins or other virtual gifts that will stay in their Tiktok wallet.

Fans do gift their favourite Tiktokers these coins during a live video session. This is as a means of appreciating their loved Tiktokers. Tiktokers can cash these gifts into real money and send it to the local bank account.


7.Grow And Sell Tiktok Accounts

Today, selling social media accounts has become the norm. People create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels, then sell them for a profit. Tiktok can also be transferred to another user or sold.

With this idea, you can create multiple Tiktok accounts and upload captivating videos to them just to get followers and likes. Note that it doesn’t have to be your content. There’s no strict Tiktok law against that.

Once you reach a certain number of followers on them (preferably thousands), you can put them out for sale at your own price, depending on the number of followers they have. The buyer, after purchase, will remove your videos and start creating fresh content with an already established number of followers.

You can really make even more profits selling Tiktok than selling other social media accounts because Nigerians are just too obsessed with Tiktok. Brilliant, isn’t it?

8. Do Affilliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a business model of selling other people’s products to make a commission off of it. You get products from other people to advertise on your Tiktok video. A little of the actual price will serve as your own commission.

One important thing here is that it’s not actually the number of followers but the number of followers who trust you. Establishing a close relationship between you and your followers is necessary first.

Apart from selling physical goods (which means you won’t have to worry about transporting goods to your buyers), you can also sign up with affiliate sites that sell digital products and start marketing them on your Tiktok (which means you won’t have to worry about transporting goods to your buyers). Once people buy with your affiliate link, you earn a commission instantly. An example is Fiverr, Clickbank, Expertnaire, Learnoflix, and Selar affiliates.

9.Media Licensing

This means granting brands access and permission to use your content. Either your video or picture may be used by brands if they find it suitable for their advertisements or branding. That’s after they must have paid you an agreed sum of money.

Getting this kind of deal has nothing to do with your huge Tiktok following. To get this, you can be reviewing and marketing different products for free, and luckily, if the brands see this, they might decide to use any of those videos for the adverts on TV, for which you must have been paid.

It’s an established law in Nigeria called copyright law, so if any brand uses your content to advertise without your permission, you can sue them and have them pay for using it.

10.Create And Edit Tiktok Videos For People

Despite the simplicity of creating Tiktok videos, many artists, brands, and influencers still have people paid to help them edit their videos before posting on Tiktok.

Once you learn all the know-hows of creating Tiktok videos, you can start helping others create and edit theirs and charge them for the service. To get clients, you can advertise what you do on your social media handles or tell your neighbors, friends, and family.


11. Help People Manage Their Tiktok Account(s)

Another lucrative way of  earning on Tiktok is to help Tiktokers who are preoccupied with other things manage their account.

Some people often get busy but might want to keep their growing followers coming with steady and great content. You can present yourself as a Tiktok manager so people can hire you to help them manage their accounts.

12. Become A Part Of Tiktok’s Creators Market Place

You can decide to work with a company or advertise for them to promote their products. Your job is to talk briefly about the product in any of your videos. To get offers like this, I advise that you have a minimum of 100,000 followers and a good number of Instagram followers too.

The Tiktok market place has tools which brands can use to analyze the engagement and view statistics.

13. Earn Money By Following, Liking, And Commenting On Tiktok Videos

This might seem somehow to many persons, but honestly, it can serve as as supplementary income, especially for students.

Lots of platforms today help people grow their social media pages. You can sign up on these sites and start performing the daily tasks assigned to you.

Following, liking, and commenting on Tiktok accounts, you can earn a little sum from these. Hawkit.ng is a good example of such a platform.

14. Seek sponsorship and donations

Many might see this as a demeaning idea, but honestly, it’s no big deal. This does not, in any way, make you a beggar. In fact, a lot of big tiktokers do this often.

However, that doesn’t mean any Tiktokers can do this. If you are someone that travels to different places just to create content for your followers, then this is for you.

You can ask them to sponsor your trip to a particular city or country, so you can give them information about the place. Many won’t object to this as long as you’ve been dishing out great content. Of course, they will love to get more great content. So here’s how to do it.

You can go live or make a video and tell them about your plans and your need for a sponsor or voluntary donations from them. You never know, a big brand might even come for you through that.


At the rate at which Tiktok is growing in Nigeria, you don’t have to make videos for fun alone; you can actually earn from them through the different ways highlighted in this post. What it all just requires is that you grow your fanbase first, and then you are good to go.

There are even many more opportunities to earn on Tiktok than on many other platform. That’s exactly why we provided this great information to thousands of Nigerians wanting to know how they can earn on Tiktok.

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