Filing An annual returns is compulsory under the law. An annual returns is a statutory compliance, expected from every registered business name,registered company and every registered incorporated trustee., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In filing an annual returns, there are benefits the business name ,company or incorporated trustee stands to gain.

The corporate affairs commission has a calendar year, annual returns must be filed within the cac calendar year.

The cac calendar year ends 30th june of every year,for filing an annual returns, a business name must file its first annual return within 18 months of its registration. for a company, an annual returns is expected to be filed within 42 days of its first annual general meetings(AGM).

An incorporated trustee such as Non Governmental Organisation,Club,CHURCH,AND Charitable organisations etc. shall file their annual returns from 30th June to 31st December of preceding year.


filing annual returns in 2019 is not simple. following the steps will help you a lot.

i. log in to and generate a remita code for annual returns

ii.fill in the business information required and payee information

iii.Go ahead and pay cac through remita or via the commercial bank

iv.take a copy of your receipt and the application letter to cac branch near you.

v. initial the application letter and proceed for payment verification.

vi. the staff of cac will verify your payment and minute on it.

vii.photocopy the copy with you and go for the ledger.

viii. Fill the columns in the ledger for the annual returns you filed by filling the company information.

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NB.Check back at the branch in two weeks time for possible approval or query

it is pertinent to note that your annual returns might be approved or queried for many reasons.

A query means you have an issue you need to address.

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