The corporate affairs commission in the yearly retreat holding in lagos, has stated that alot of embassies are now rejecting business visa approval based on cac inactive status., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Cac status report- Cac status report is an official statement from the corporate affairs commission concerning a business, company or incorporated trustee as a registered entity.

What is cac Active status : cac active status is the official statement or report from cac about a registered entity showing that the entity or company is still in operation. Every , company or incorporated trustee must have this report .

How to File and Obtain cac status report: in order to obtain a status report about a registered entity, you must go through an accredited cac agent.

An accredited cac agent knows what to do to obtain the report from his cac portal.

A status report might show active or inactive status for an entity.

How to activate cac active status

In order to change the inactive status of an entity to an active status on the search bar, one need to contact a cac agent, and request for filing of annual return, upon full compliance with the annual return filing, the cac will change the status if all is complied with, its important to note that most cac agents can request for service charge to make this application for change of status .

The repercussion for failure to file annual return, is that cac will strike the registered business names or company off from their register.

Most businesses check the status of other companies on cac search portal to know if they are still a registered entity, so also foreign government agencies. it is highly advised to avoid rejection at the embassies based on inactive status.


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