How to Get drivers license in Nigeria faster,There are theoretical and practical aspect to driving ,learning how to drive is a big skill.

What is a Drivers license -A drivers license is a certificate issued by the federal road safety commission,an agency of the federal government.

Every applicant who wants to obtain a drivers license in Nigeria is expected to pass through through the training at a licensed driving school.

The applicant is also expected to pass the eye test examination ,be issued with certificate of proficiency from vehicle inspection officer.

How to obtain a drivers license in Nigeria -most people learn driving from friends,loved ones or colleagues at work, but the Nigerian laws requires training from licensed driving schools.

The importance of going for trainings from a licensed school can not be over emphasized, it rids the society of quacks and enhances protection of lives and properties.


i. A DRIVING SCHOOL- you need to first zero your mind to the fact that you need to go through a licensed driving school in your area.,click here to find out list of licensed driving school in your state,visit www.frsc.gov.ng/drivingschool. in driving school the trainings involved will expose the trainee to basics of driving ,these are getting to know the road signs,driving first aid box,and getting a tutor,who will be with you through the period of training. during this programme,the trainee is expected to drive with the tutor on a low busy or lonely area or road.

ii.PRESENTATION FOR DRIVE TESTING BY A VEHICLE INSPECTION OFFICER: In this phase,the driving school will present the trainee to a qualified personnel from a vehicle inspection officer for test driving, this is to ascertain if the trainee have acquired the right knowledge on the rudiments of driving ,such as road signs,defensive driving techniques.etc.

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iii. PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY FROM VIO: The vehicle inspection officer shall issue to the trainee a certificate of proficiency ,the certificate of proficiency is the certificate that evidences that the trainee had undergone and completed the requisite training from a licensed driving school in Nigeria.

The trainee armed with the certificate of proficiency can now apply to the federal road safety commission for drivers license.


The Applicant will after obtaining the certificate of proficiency will have to make an official application to federal road safety commission for drivers license,follow this link for online registration,the applicant will have submit his NIN ,and also will have to generate a payment using remita website or cash payment at the banks with the remita generated code,the applicant will submit these to FRSC.


The federal road safety commission will subject the applicant to an eye test to ascertain the visual ability reports, if the applicant passes this test,he will be on the verge of getting the license.

VI. ISSUANCE OF TEMPORARY DRIVERS LICENSE AND BIO METRIC CAPTURING -The drivers license centre is will require the applicant to submit himself/herself to bio metric data capturing(finger print impression,facial recognition capturing). the applicant will be granted a temporary drivers license with a validity period of 60 days.

The Nigerian board of internal revenue will issue the original drivers license to the applicant after the expiration of 60 days.

COST AND VALIDITY OF NATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE-The process of obtaining a drivers license can take 60 days or more or may be less depending on many factors such as whether you pass your eye test,driving school attendance,confirmation of your payment,certificate of proficiency,and your link, the express application usually done by agents will cost you from N50K to 60k, your license will be ready under three days, however without an agent this might take more time.

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The validity of drivers license depends on the category you applied for, there are drivers license with 3 years validity,while there are ones with 5 years validity. The official cost is not same for all the category, for example while the three years validity drivers license is around N15K, the other might cost N20k.

The cost of getting the driving license might differ when an agent does it for you.

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