Palmpay POS Business in Nigeria

Recently, the PalmPay POS business is one of the lucrative agent banking business vacancies that have provided massive employment for the uncountable citizens of Nigeria. Since its inception in 2019, PalmPay Limited is a leading licensed mobile money services company that can be operated through an app and a POS agent.

The company discovered Palm Pay to assist in building the future of finance in Africa by standardizing the payment experience for consumers and businesses in Africa and by making monetary services more vulnerable and pocket-friendly.

If you are on this page, it simply means you need to know about the palm pay POS Business in Nigeria. Congratulations! Because you have made the right choice.

This article is aimed at exploring the palm pay POS business in Nigeria. I have done the research and it corresponds to my personal experience.

But before further simplicity, let’s know what Palm Pay is.

What is Palm Pay? 

Palm Pay is an e-wallet and online installment stage which is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and also offers monetary administrations to clients.

To aid the process, they got a POS machine which has given them opportunities to people to make ends meet.

However, PalmPay is partnered with a payment terminal service provider (PTSP) licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) which formulates and deploys a payment remedies application that will run on NIBSS-certified android point of sale terminals (the “POS Terminals”), and provide payment terminals and value-added services to the global stage.

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Moreover, the PalmPay web platform PCI-DSS is certified to ensure that your card data is safeguarded while transacting business on their site.

Is PalmPay POS good for Business? 

Yes, it is good for business. It is a source of income and it also aids you to grow your business through impressive commissions, low fees, and performance incentives. Once you are in a good location to make uncountable transactions with your customers, you will keep on making money.

How much does PalmPay POS charge per Transaction?

The withdrawal charge from the Palm pay POS is 0.5% on withdrawal transactions. So to that effect, every agent pays N5 for a withdrawal of N1,000. For instance, if N1000 will cost you N5, then for N5000, you will be charged N25. I.e N5 ×5 = N25. And the rate will keep increasing depending on the amount.

What does Palm Pay Offer?

Here are the highlights of What Palm Play offers to an aspiring agent.

What are PalmPay Core Values?

What are the Transactions you can Perform with PalmPay POS?

What are the Requirements to get PalmPay POS Machine

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How to Become a Palm Pay POS Business Agent

Becoming a palm pay agent isn’t a difficult task. But there are some important precept-by-precept steps to follow before you can become one. They’re;

On the contrary, you can download the PalmPartner app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your android phones, or iOS devices. Then follow these steps;

Congratulations, you can begin transactions on your PalmPartner app.

How To Get The PalmPay POS Machine.

How Much Does PalmPay POS Cost?

The application of the PalmPay POS machine is free. But you are to deposit N20,000, a caution fee for the regular POS terminal. Then, pay N30,000 for the newer android model POS device. Within 15 days of returning the PalmPay POS machine in your stead, this caution fee deposit will be returned to you. Always try to keep the device in perfect condition without any damage.


Up to 5000 individuals in Nigeria have seen POS business as of the leading businesses in Nigeria especially when you partner with Palm Pay.

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Successfully, we have listed all you need to know about the Palm Pay POS business in Nigeria. So, if you are looking for a business to switch to, the Palm Play POS business is just the best you can get amidst many.

I hereby urge you whether new or an existing POS transaction to hurry and be a part of the Palm Pay family and obtain numerous benefits for business growth and expansion.

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