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Over the years, the selling of gift cards has become a very popular thing across Nigeria’s Internet sphere. It is now very common to see different ads and posters of gift cards trading platforms. As a matter of fact, many people are in the business of buying and selling gift cards today.

Do you want  to sell your gift cards or want to know more about gift card selling and the best place to sell your gift cards? If yes, this post is certainly an eye opener for you.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gifts cards are prepaid virtual cash payment alternatives used for the purchase of products on platforms like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and a host of others.

It is more of a virtual gift used to reward people for a job well done. Also, marketers and production companies use them as free gifts when promoting their products or as a bonus for buyers. Gift cards can be used to purchase many product online within its limits and price.

More Nigerians have become more savvy about gift cards and their use. Hence, it has become very common amongst Nigerians, especially youths, to buy gift cards from people who have no use for them at cheap rates and then resell them.

Additionally, with gift cards, it is much cheaper and better to purchase products online on Amazon or iTunes as against the effects of dollar to naira inflation.

Best Gift Cards To Trade In Nigeria

Here, we have the list of the top-rated and most profitable gift cards to sell in Nigeria.

1. Steam Gift Cards

It is no longer news that Steam gift cards have been the gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. Most gift card traders prefer steam due to its profit value.


So, if you love video games, then a Steam gift card is for you. Steam gift cards are often used to purchase games, hard wares, and soft wares online. You should also know that steam gifts have different values depending on the country where they are gotten.

However, UK physical steam gift cards have the highest value among other countries’. The United Kingdom’s steam gift card is worth around £20  to £500, while the USA’s steam card is worth $20 to $500. It all depends on the currency value.

2. American Express Gift Cards (AMEX)

AMEX is also among the top gift cards in Nigeria. The gift card is widely used, majorly for shopping in the United States.

The card can be used to make purchases at gas stations, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and so on, in the United States only.

Amex gift cards are sold in three different categories, which depend on the price value.

1. AMEX gift card – (50-$99)

2. AMEX gift card – ($100-$299)

3. AMEX gift card – ($300-$500)

3. Google Play Gift Cards

Google play gift cards are also among gift cards with a high price value to sell in Nigeria.

They are used to buy apps, books, games, music, and videos from the Google Play Store.

The United Kingdom’s Google Play gift card is the most valuable as it is worth between £25 and £500, followed by the United States’, which is valued at $100 to $500, and then the Switzerland’s Google Play card, valued at $50 to $99.

4. Apple iTunes Gift Card (iTunes Card)

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The Apple iTunes gift card is currently one of the most traded gift cards in Nigeria. The card can be used to purchase different items like iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, etc., from the Apple store.

However, Apple iTunes gift cards are different from Apple gift cards. Though the two are often confused to be the same, they are not. Actually, the two are different cards from the same Apple Inc and are traded separately.

Top iTunes Gift Cards

1. Portugal iTunes Gift Card

2. Spain iTunes Gift Card 3.Luxembourg/Portugal/Greece iTunes gift card

4. France iTunes gift card

5. Switzerland iTunes gift card

5. Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora gift cards are gift cards that can be used to purchase beauty products at Sephora.

Sephora is a US-based company that sells different beauty products for women. If you are in need of top beauty products, Sephora is the place for you to shop.

They offer gift cards to their customers, which can be used to make purchases on their online store or app. Sephora gift cards are more like credit cards for shopping online because each comes with a pin code at the back of the card.

Top Sephora Gift Card

Sephora offers different categories of gift cards based on the price value in dollars.

1.USA Sephora- ($50-$999)

2.USA Sephora- ($100-$500)

3.Canada Sephora- ($100-$500)

Best Platforms To Trade Gift Cards For Naira

After learning about the various popular gift cards you can trade. The next question you did ask is; where can I trade my gift cards?

Actually, there are many platforms where you can trade your gift cards, but the big question is; “where can I trade my gift card and not get ripped off or scammed?”


Currently, there are lots of gift card buyers and sellers online. You might have come across a poster by one of them on your whatsapp status, Instagram or even on Facebook ads.

I’m not saying all of them are scammers, but you really need to be careful when trading gift cards with them, or better still, use an escrow service in dealing.

In this regard, I will be sharing with you 4 legit sites to trade your gift cards without getting ripped off or scammed. All of them have verified social media pages, good reviews and testimonies from people who have used them to trade. Mind you, I’m not advertising for any of them, but I just want you to trade with legit platforms.

1. Rockloader

Whatsapp/Call: +2348071582162

2. Giftcardstonaira


+234705 837251


3. Kolly Cards

Whatsapp/Call: +2347032583719


4. Legitcards

Whatsapp /Call:

+234806 051 7997 

Note: You can also trade things like PayPal, USDT, and so on, and you can also redeem gift cards on these platforms.


Gift card trading is a very profitable venture for many people. They buy at cheap rates somewhere and resell them for profits.

There are lots of gift card scammers out there. You need to be very careful when trading it and ensure you are trading with a legit platform.

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