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Almost every Internet user in Nigeria has an Instagram account. Everyone loves posting good pictures and growing their Instagram followers. People have become so obsessed with the social media platform.

With over 1 billion users globally, Instagram ranks as one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Most celebrities and influencers use Instagram to promote themselves more than any other medium.

However, the question remains: Can you make money on Instagram as a Nigerian? The short answer is yes, you can earn a lot of money on Instagram. Instagram itself is like a big market, where different things can be bought or sold. So is an active Instagram account with a huge following.

If all you do on Instagram is just post fine pictures, like pictures of celebrities and watch funny reels. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’ve actually been wasting time and money when you could actually make money off it. There are actually lots of ways to make money on Instagram, which will be discussed in this post.

What You Need to Make Money on Instagram :

An Active Instagram account

Good internet connection

A reasonable Instagram following.

7 Best Ways To Make Money Instagram In Nigeria

1.Sell Products On Instagram

Got anything to sell? Why not bring it on on Instagram? Even big companies are now bringing their businesses to the Instagram space due to its marketing potential and engagement.

Using Instagram to leverage your business can be one of the best decisions you can make. There’s almost no product or service you can’t sell on Instagram, be it fashion, skin care, digital products, Internet services, mobile gadgets etc. Instagram is a great place to sell products. Don’t have a product to sell? you can make use of dropshipping platforms like ebay, wish, amazon and Alibaba.


You can now convert your Instagram to a business account and create an Instagram shop. Though the feature is still new to many, but it is the best for business on Instagram. Instagry sell products.

2. Become An Instagram Influencer

Becoming an influencer is also a great way to earn money on Instagram. There are hundreds of people who are popular on Instagram despite not being celebrities or politicians.

For you to attain the influencer state on Instagram, you need a reasonable and engaging audience. Plus, there is a need for you to always update your followers and engage them.

Thinking about how you can make money from this? You don’t have to think about money at all.

As long as you have a convincing audience, brands and individuals will rush to your page for ads and sponsored posts, and of course you charge them a fee. Luckily, you can even bag an ambassadorial deal with one of the big brands.

3. Monetize Your Instagram Account.

This aspect of making money on Instagram is very unknown to many people, whereas it does exist. Just like the way Youtubers make money from Adsense ads on their channel, Instagram also allows monetization.

However, there are lots of criteria before you can monetize your Instagram account. Some of which include having a large following and having plagiarism-free videos or content. Instagram will place in-stream ads on your videos, which you earn from CPC and CPM generated from them. You can also earn by telling your fans to support you with virtual gifts (live badges) during a session.

4. Use Instagram For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model of recommending products to people and earning commission on each sale that’s been generated through you.

Here, you don’t have to own a store or warehouse to sell products. What you do is pick other people’s products and advertise them till your audience makes purchases, which will in turn earn you a commission, known as affiliate commissions.

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Instagram is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing because it has a large audience. Products or services you can recommend include: fashion items, electronic gadgets, books, services, and digital products.

To start affiliate marketing, you can sign up for affiliate programs on Amazon, Fiverr, Shareasale, Clickbank, Selar, Jumia, Konga, or Expertnaire. Just pick up any of your favourite products on any of this platforms and market them for commission.

5. Start Blogging On Instagram

This is a very popular way of making money on Instagram. This is what the likes of Linda Ikeji, Tunde Ednut, and gistloverblog do on Instagram.

An Instagram blogger’s job is to post trending news, gists, videos, and gossip. It’s a very simple yet lucrative way of making money on Instagram. You can even use Instagram to direct traffic to your blog site.

6. Grow And Sell Instagram Accounts

A lot of people are earning big by buying and selling Instagram accounts. Since everyone wants a reasonable audience on their Instagram, this may take time, especially if you are not a celebrity or popular figure.

So, many people have sought to buy Instagram accounts with high followership. You can take that as a side hustle, grow Instagram accounts and put them up for sale. You can also buy from people and resell them.

7. Manage Instagram Account For People

Some people, especially celebrities, companies, and public figures, barely have time to manage their Instagram accounts themselves. So they often employ people to help them manage them, post for them, and engage the audience. You can apply to any of these people.

Does Tiktok Pay Nigerian Creators?

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This is a very common question among people who wish to become tiktok creators. The short video platform, since its creation in 2016, has become one of Nigerians’ favourite social media platforms.

Tiktok has grown to the extent that more than half of Nigerians using smart phones have Tiktok accounts and 60% of the short videos across the Internet are mostly from Tiktok. So do creators get paid by Tiktok? The short answer is yes. Tiktok pays content creators through the Tiktok Creator’s Fund.

Unfortunately, Nigerians and many other countries don’t get paid by Tiktok. Only a few countries like; France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and the United States, can get paid from Tiktok.

Content creators from other countries, on the other hand, can earn money on Tiktok through other means such as; affiliate marketing, dropshipping, media licensing, as influencers, or through virtual gifts from live sessions.

Tiktok fans can buy Tiktok coins through their account to reward their favorite Tiktokers during live sessions. As a matter of fact, this is exactly how most Nigerian Tiktokers earn money by being creators. These coins can be converted and cashed into real money by creators on Tiktok.

Final Thoughts

Stop wasting your precious time just scrolling, viewing, and liking pictures and posts on Instagram all day. Make use of Instagram to your own financial advantage today. Making money on Instagram or Tiktok may not be easy, but the two platforms can earn you millions monthly, if used correctly.

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