Do you want a gift card-selling website in Canada and you are worried about the best among them? If yes is the answer to the above question, then don’t panic. You are at the right place

In this article, you will know some top gift card-selling websites in Canada. Just stick around as we hold you by your hands to show you all., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. It’s rated as one of the countries that buy and sells using gift cards. In other words, you are not wrong if you choose to sell or buy your gift cards from Canada. Emphatically, it is preferred and seen as the best place to market your gift card through their website. 

Hence, if you have some old cards you want to sell, the gift card selling website is advantageous in your stead. Let’s point out the top gift card-selling websites in Canada. 

Top Gift Card Selling Website In Canada 

Concurrently, buying goods and services is done with gift cards. You could buy a commodity in another country by the use of a gift card. To help you get started, let’s see the five (5) websites where you can sell your gift card in Canada. They are :

#5. CardSwap 

This is one of the websites in Canada where you can sell your gift card. There is a straightforward process during the buying and selling. However, to access the website, just create an account, make your cards available and your payment will keep coming. 



  • It is used as a medium of exchange in Canada.
  • It accepts used cards with a balance. 
  • The payment is reliable. 
  • It is easy. 


  • You manage to ship. 
  • There must be a minimum balance of $25.

#4. GiftCash 

Apart from being one of the top gift cash-selling websites in Canada. There is a decrease in rates when you sell your buy or sell your gift card through gift cash. In gift cash, just verify your identity. 


  • Special rates are attached to people selling in bulk your money comes digitally. 
  • The site probably accepts used cards. 
  • The site accepts partially used cards


  • It doesn’t approve of names like PlayStation.
  • The magnitude of selling physical cards is poor. 

#3. eBay 

If you sell your gift card via eBay, you will make great sales. Thus, there is no fixed price. This is advantageous to people who are selling in bulk. Just upload your photos of it and write a short description. The competition is tough; therefore it requires a quality description before you can sell your gift card. 


  • It is reliable.
  • You can recover a huge chunk of the cost. 
  • It offers discounts to its buyers. 


  • It can be tricky to sell used cards. 
  • When you feel used cards, Selling used cards can be a little tricky.
  • Writing descriptions consumes time. 

#2. Kijiji 

This is one of the simplest gift card-selling websites in Canada. Hence, just post an ad and await inquiries. On the contrary, Kijiji allows buyers to call on the seller. Not like other platforms. To be sold through Kijiji just drop your details. 

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  • You can sell as much as you want. 
  • It doesn’t take time.
  • Posting ads is free. 
  • You sell using digital and physical cards. 


  • Finding buyers consumes time. 
  • You need more buyers to earn more. 

.#1. Craigslist 

Just like Kijiji, selling your gift card via craigslist permits you to sell both cards(physical and digital). The selling method is simple. Hence, post an ad, and negotiate the bill when a buyer comes. 


  • It is simple to use. 
  • Finding a buyer doesn’t consume time. 
  • The platform is free. 
  • You have control over the price tag. 


  • Widespread scammers. 
  • Most buyers might need your presence before they buy. 

 Other gift cards selling websites are: 

  • Clipkard 
  • Game flip 
  • Raise 
  • Facebook marketplace, and many others. 


In Canada, the exchange of goods and services is available through the use of gift cards. So, you have a great opportunity to make more sales. We have shortlisted the card-selling website. Pick one of your choices and start making money. 

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