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Top 10 Best Forum in Nigeria

Social networking has become the best approach to connection and legit information in Nigeria. To ease the process, the internet community has increased due to the engagement of many registered individuals sharing quality content to assist others making it more interesting. This prompted the organization of the best forums in Nigeria so that people’s problems will be solved at a glance., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Hence, many people use blogs and forums interchangeably. But they are different although they have some similarities. Forums are not like blogs where any individual who has a blog site can publish different topics depending on his niche. In forums, you must be a registered member before you are allowed to participate. You don’t need to be a blogger or a social media expert before you can join.

Aside from social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, or blog sites, forums are another platform that creates awareness of the happenings in the country. Thankfully, Nigeria is one of the countries where exciting events constantly occur, so these forums will assist you to get legit information and also allow you to share your perspective concerning trendy topics, the latest issues, and many more.

Looking forward to knowing the best forums in Nigeria, you just got to the exact point. Just continue to go through the article.

Top Ten Forums in Nigeria

After my intensive research, I was able to find the following forums as the best so far when it comes to legit news and others.

Here they are:

  • Nairaland Forums
  • Naijapals Forum
  • GistMania Forum
  • Nigeria Creative Talent (NCT) Forum
  • Nigerian Best Forum (NBF)
  • EarlyFace Forum
  • 6Ters Forum
  • Nigeria Message Board
  • EveryoneKnows

1. Nairaland Forums

In search of the best forums in Nigeria, the Nairaland forum is the first on our list. It is the best and most visited forum in entire Africa. Founded in 2005 by a man called Seun Osewa. He created this forum with the sole aim of bringing Nigerians together for discussion and also creating ways to meet others. It has given Nigerians a voice on the Internet.

Arguably, Nairaland is a forum that covers diverse topics from a local point of view with over 2 million and above-registered users and 4 million+ topics. Truth be told, Nairaland is the best when it comes to forums in Nigeria. To reach out to Nairaland, just log in to this website

2. NaijaPals Forum

The best forums in Nigeria will not be complete if the Naijapals forum is out of the list. It was established in July 2008 and later changed to Gistmania in 2012. It is also an active niche-focused Nigeria forum that talks about Nollywood, music, and news topics. The NaijaPals forum is a very interesting site that gives access to registered members to watch or download movies or music for free.

3. GistMania Forum

GistMania is another best forum on our list. It is very active and mainly focuses on entertainment, romance, politics, gist, and news headlines. It is a very interesting forum where many Nigerians love to meet and network with others. You see, if you are a lover of entertainment, gist, or news, you just arrived at a pleasant place.

This forum is actively up to date when it comes to entertainment, news headlines, gist, and many more. It’s linked with NaijaPals, another interesting forum in Nigeria.

4. Nigeria Creative Talent (NCT) Forum

This forum focuses on technology and tech-related content giving room for Nigerians with creative talents to connect online. They have an estimated number of 8000 members, hence leading to 55,000 and above posts per day. Nigeria creative talent forum is one of the best forums you can trust when it comes to creativity.

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5. Nigerian Best Forum (NBF)

If you are a young one in search of job opportunities or you are seeking admission, I think Nigeria Best Forum (MBF) is ideal for you. This forum focuses on young ones who need job opportunities. What makes it very interesting to register is that it has an enormous number of active sections such as education, career, business, health, arts, and many more. As a youngster awaiting admission or a job, joining this forum shall be advantageous.

6. EarlyFace Forum

When it comes to global news, the latest information, and general discussions, which include sports, tutorials, news updates, education, relationships, and games.

The EarlyFace forum takes the lead. It’s another forum you can join to widen your network. They also talk about restaurants, events, good food, and lounges. Similarly, The EarlyFace forum is a platform where registered users are allowed to discuss any topic(s) relating to Nigeria and Nigerians.

7. 6Ters Forum

This forum is graded as one of the best forums in Nigeria. It was established in 2005 majorly for promoting fresh/quality content on websites on different topics and sections. Anyone can access it regardless if you’re a guest or a registered member. Since 2005 till date, the 6Ters forum has been operating as expected especially when it comes to online connections.

8. Nigeria Message Board

This best forum in Nigeria was created in 2014 with the sole aim of connecting Nigerians together online. It focuses on Nigeria-related content just as Nairaland. The reason I prefer this forum for young people is that it’s a free forum where you can also get answers to questions and ask people too.


9. GurusLodge Forum 

This forum talks about quality tech topics that interest tech gurus to participate in Nigeria. It only discusses tech and tech gadgets like accessories such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.

10. EveryoneKnows

This is a different kind of platform, not necessarily a forum. It was established primarily as a Question and Answer (Q/A) forum. Modeled after Quora. It allows the members to share their knowledge and thoughtful answers to a particular problem. It is a place where you can ask various questions and get instant replies from other registered members on the website.

You know, every good forum will not be included in the list. Here are good forums you can try out.

Final Thought

Living in Nigeria with the base growth of technology without joining some forums to widen your network could be bad. This is because everyone wants to be happy seeing his problems solved by people what are knowledgeable about it

We can list the top 10 forums in Nigeria that you can register. Try them out.


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