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Are you looking for ways to improve your standard of living and you don’t know how to do it? Or are you obsessed with the ambition to take people to places and get paid for it? Don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Taking people places and getting paid for it has been a norm in our society. As we advance in life, the increase in the improvement of technology has offered many solutions to life’s problems, especially transportation.

First, you need to know that to become an Uber Driver, you need to have a car of your own that is in good condition. The details of the criteria needed will be enumerated in this article. We’ve got you covered.

Becoming an Uber driver is not only profitable but also easy compared to what we have in our society today. You get paid for the services you render as a driver without having to stand on the road to call passengers.

Requirements For Aspiring Uber Drivers

It is obvious that to apply for a position in our society today, one needs to meet some requirements, and Uber is no exception. And if you are ready to partner with Uber as a driver, you must be able to go through the basic process required of an aspirant (a “driver to be”) and be readily available when the need arises.

1. First, you must be age 21 or older. To be an Uber driver, you need to be at least 21 years old.

2. You must possess a valid driver’s license to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are a certified driver.


3. Safety screening: Here you get to be tested. Your driving competence is assessed, and if you are able to pass, you will be given videos that will help boost your competence.

4. To become an Uber driver, you must have a car that is in good condition. Your being accepted in the company is determined by the condition of the car it will use to transport passengers.

Your car must possess the following qualities:

1. It must be insured; it must be insured or under insurance.

2. Your car must have four doors and not be a two-door car. You cannot apply with a two-door car. So, if you have a two-door car, I implore that you get a four-door car before applying.

3. The air conditioning unit must be active, that is, it must be working.

4. The body, engine, seats, and other parts not mentioned above must be in good shape to keep the reputation of the company and yours as well in good standing.

Apart from being the company’s requirement, you would not want your passengers to embarrass you for lack of car maintenance. You know some customers are easily irritated. Customers are always right, you know!

Those are the qualities your car must possess before you can enroll. In order not to embarrass yourself and to enable you to meet these requirements, if your car is lacking one or more of the features needed, try and get them before applying.

How To Apply To Become An Uber Driver In Nigeria

The processes for applying will be listed here. Thumbs up! If you have met the above-mentioned criteria.


Step 1: Signing Up

  • Follow the instructions given to enable an itch-free process. It is advised to desist from things that will take your attention away from the proceedings.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents

  • Submit the required documents and do not forge documents in order to fit in or get admitted into the transportation company. We all know what forgery means, and the penalties are not friendly at all.

So, if you know you do not have what it takes to be an Uber Driver, you are advised to look at other opportunities that abound. You will be shocked to learn that there are many opportunities that you are most certainly qualified to take.

Step 3: Wait For Uber To Run A Background Check

After the submission of documents, wait for the company to run a background check on you based on the information you submitted.

They will check your criminal record and other records necessary. This will enable them to trust you with their potential customers or passengers. It usually takes a few weeks and sometimes up to a month.

Step 4: Get Your Car Approved

  • The next one is to get your car approved. Your main mission at Uber is to drive and earn commission.

The need for you to get your car approved gives you a leverage (that is, if your car has all the features the company is looking for in a car) over others. It also enables them to know the category your car belongs to and the kind of service it will render.

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Uber Cell Phone

  • After the above is met, you are given the opportunity to get a cell phone from Uber. The cell phone is not mandatory.

If you think your cell phone can do the task, you can refuse to collect the company’s phone. It is advisable to take the phone, as it enables them to keep you on track. The cell phone is also for connecting the customers of the company, who are also your passengers.

Finally, an Uber partner


As you begin your Uber business, don’t forget to locate the nearest Uber offices and stations. You are on your way to financial freedom; you just need to be dedicated and purposeful to satisfy the needs of the passengers by showing them respect when needed as you gain the company’s trust through their comments.


It will be a thing of joy that you find this article useful in your journey to become an Uber driver. Being an Uber driver does not just distinguish you from other drivers; first, you get to fix your working schedule. Plus, you tend to earn a lot. And finally, you can even do it as a side hustle along with your 9-to-5.

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