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Often times, we are gifted a gift card that we don’t need. Let’s say you got a Sephora gift card, which can only be used to purchase female beauty products. You may have no use for it as a man, so instead of leaving it under your drawer for nothing, where it may expire soon, you can trade it for money.

Selling gift cards is not a new thing in the United States. In fact, there are hundreds of sites where you can trade your gift cards. It’s a very simple thing to do, and it’s best for unwanted gift cards.

To sell your gift cards, you will have to use any of the trusted gift card resale platforms. The good news is, you can even exchange your gift card for retail gift cards, which you can use to buy products that you will definitely need.

 Best Websites To Sell Your Gift Cards


On cardsell, once you’ve uploaded your gift card details, you have to wait for it to be verified. Once it has been verified by the reseller, you will get your money deposited into your PayPal account in a maximum of 48 hours.


If you trade gift cards with cardcash, you can get up to 92% of your card value. Let’s say you want to exchange a gift card worth $50 for money. You will up get $40 and not full payment for your gift card. So, they charge up to 8%. Plus, you can also trade that unwanted gift card for a retail gift card, which can allow you to shop for your desired products with it.



Raise is more of a gift card marketplace. Once you’ve signed up, you can list your gift cards for sale. When someone purchases it, you are expected to pay 15% commission o to Raise. Raise’s criteria is that you can only list gift cards worth a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $2,000. Anything less or bigger is unacceptable.


Gameflip is a game gift card retail marketplace. Here you can buy Starbucks, PlayStation, and Amazon gift cards. Note, you don’t have to be a gamer to trade gift cards on this platform, though it might help somehow.

Here you can sell or buy gift cards. To list your gift card, Gameflip advises that you sell it at a discounted price of 2% to 15%. Once a sale is made, Gameflip takes 8% commission and maybe 2% for digital payments, respectively. You can then withdraw your money to digital wallets like Wise, PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.


This platform doesn’t allow trading giftcards online through its website any more. So, to sell your gift cards through Giftcardbin, you need to visit their site and locate one of their over 600 physical agents through the map there. You simply type in your zip code to get the agents near your area.

Once you’ve been able to locate a Giftcardbin agent, the next step is to take your gift cards with a valid ID there, so you can exchange your gift cards for cash.


Quickcashmi is a Michigan-based gift card reselling company. Here, you can trade gift cards from brands like Amazon, JCPenney, and so on.

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You can buy or sell gift cards directly through the platforms. To make it more interesting, you can even swap gift cards. Though swapping varies even on other reselling sites, $100 JCPenney gift cards might be less than $100 Zappos, so it depends. Actually, you can type in the gift you want to exchange and see how much you get on the platform.


On Clipkard, you will send your gift card through a shipping label known as USPS. The platform has a tool that will tell you if your card is accepted or not and how much you are going to receive if it is sold. Plus, you can upgrade shipping labels, though that might come at an extra charge.

In addition, the platform is built in such a way that you earn points whether you sell or buy gift cards. When you sell a gift card worth $100, you earn 100 points. You can cash these points for a discount on future gift card purchases.


With Giftcash, you can sell or buy almost any type of gift card that’s available on the platform. They allow you to view how much you will receive once you type in the value of the gift card you want to sell.

Giftcash may give you almost all the sum your gift card is worth, depending on the type of gift card. For some popular retailer cards, you can get up to 80% of your gift card’s worth. With a Costco gift card, for example, you will get up to 94% of its worth when you sell it on Giftcash.

Is It Possible To Return Unwanted Gift Cards?


Of course it is. Just like you return gifts that are unwanted, you can return gift card back to where it was purchased. As long as you’ve not used them and still have the receipt.

However, not all retailers allow that. Some might end up giving you a credit card in place of the gift cards. So it’s best you read their policy first before approaching them to return it. Well, if that’s not viable, sell it then. At least you still get something from it.


The selling of unused gift cards is now very easy, especially with the advent of different gift card buyer platforms. Don’t let your gift card expire or get dusty inside your drawer. Sell it if it’s of no use to you. The second option for you is to return it back to where it was purchased.

The interesting thing is that, you can even swap gift cards on most of these platforms. Let’s say you have Playstore gift cards and you find them useless to you because you have no use for what they sell. You can swap them for an Amazon gift card. Though it tends to decrease its value as a result of commission fees and discounts, but, at least you’ll have something for yourself.

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