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There is no doubt that in recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a surge in innovative companies that are changing the real estate industry.

These startups are leveraging technology and creative solutions to address the challenges faced by both buyers and sellers in the market.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the top 10 real estate startups that are reshaping Nigeria’s real estate landscape.


EcoSpatials is one of the biggest start-up companies in Nigeria.

EcoSpatials is an urban design real estate development and investment start-up company that has made a reputable name for itself.

The company operates on a collaborative partnership model and is responsible for the connections of property owners to financial real estate development projects in urban centers and metropolises.

They’re certainly one of the top real estate start-ups in Nigeria.


Grey Switch is certainly one of the real estate start-ups in Nigeria that seeks to incorporate 21st century technology into their general mode of operations.

The company aims to simplify real estate ownership for Nigerians and Africans in highly profitable economies.

They make use of crypto assets, block chain technology, and Web 3.0 to provide a platform for fractional ownership of real estate properties.

With this, users are allowed to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, and they also preserve their wealth.

This move by Greyswitch aids the development of low-cost housing in Nigeria.

3.Blimp Konstruct Nigeria:

 Blimp Konstruct Nigeria is a big-weight real estate start-up in Nigeria.

The company operates as both a real estate and a civil/heavy engineering construction company.

What Blimp Konstruct Nig has achieved in the real estate start-up sector is nothing short of tremendous; they’ve developed spaces and places to improve the general quality of life for some Nigerians; they’ve mostly developed structures in our educational and healthcare sectors; and they’re one of the top real estate start-ups in the country.


4.ALT Consult NG:

 If you are looking for a real estate start-up company that is digitally astute, then ALT Consult NG is the right one for you.

The company offers a digital platform that enables its users to have access to low-capital real estate investments.

Their PropTech solution makes property asset acquisition more accessible to average Nigerians.

Through generating fair investment returns for present and future owners, they create superior value for their customers.

5.Workman Africa:

 This real estate start-up company has done so much to improve the quality and quantity of skilled construction workers in Nigeria.

Workman Africa addresses the shortage of skilled construction workers and artisans in Nigeria by providing a digital marketplace.

They also offer access to home and commercial real estate improvement lending.

 We all know how difficult acquiring an apartment is for an average Nigerian.

This real estate start-up supporting agency is a rental financing platform that helps low- to middle-income Nigerians pay their house rent in reasonable installments.

Their major aim is to solve the problems that come with most landlords demanding upfront annual rents. allows those renting homes to spread their payments over a period of 1 to 12 months, which helps reduce financial hardships and homelessness in the country.


 HausRenta is responsible for the provision of an online tenant management and rent payment solution for Nigerians.

They offer a platform that helps landlords and tenants overcome challenges associated with rental payments, allowing tenants to save monthly towards their annual rent payments.


Tekhozi, as a prop-tech startup, supports property lease, sale, and management.

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Their Super App facilitates seamless collaboration and solves issues related to rent payments, property verification, and identity verification of clients, landlords, and artisans.

They’re one of the brightest lights among the real estate start-ups in Nigeria.

9.Mantle Technology Ltd.:

Mantle Technology Ltd., as an IT solutions company, specializes in providing high-quality IT solutions to the public and private sectors.

Their Estate Avenue platform serves as a comprehensive real estate portal; they offer services for the building trades and related financial services.

10.Devlenda Investment Technology Network:

 The Devlenda Investment Technology Network focuses on facilitating immersive experiences in Africa.

They aim to make marketing fun and easier for real estate businesses by training, engaging, and deploying tailored talents and solutions.

They help optimize the growth of small businesses in the real estate industry.– This is one of the real estate startups in Nigeria, with a lot of properties for rent and sale as listed by real estate agents. they present opportunity for realtors to market their property.

12.– They were formerly called,but the merger of and lamudihouse gave birth to the new company,propertypro, they are into real estate marketing and development.

13. are famous real estate start up, and provides realtors a platform to sell and rent their property first ,also an avenue for landlords to do real estate marketing.

14. is another real estate start up in Nigeria, they are realtors and also gives opportunity to estate agents and real estate developers to sell directly to buyers and renters. they provide freemium and premium property listing services.


15. propertylisthub- They are also a powerful real estate start up in Nigeria, they are into short lettings as well.

16. provide real estate shortllet services in Nigeria.

17.Spleet.Africa-They are into monthly rentals in Nigeria, you can rent apartment and pay monthly. They are another powerful real estate start up in Nigeria, providing finance for real estate clients, who cannot afford to pay . They are another household name in real estate listing services in Nigeria.

20-– Another name in real estate startup in Nigeria is Hutbay, they allow agents to list and promote their properties, and can provide estate agents, with a custom website for their real estate business. they are based in ibadan Nigeria.


 Nigeria’s real estate industry is undergoing a developmental phase with the aid of science and technology, thanks to the emergence of these top 10 startups and others that didn’t make the list.

Through their technology-driven solutions, they are making property transactions more accessible for all Nigerians.

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