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Have you heard about crowd investment platforms in Nigeria? Do you want to know the different crowd investment platforms available to Nigerians? If your answer to the above question is yes, then all you need to do is to keep calm as I bring you details about crowd investment platforms in Nigeria.

For those who have no idea what crowd investment means, here is a little breakdown, crowd investment is a process whereby various companies may ask the public to make a little investment in smaller amounts, and in most cases, this investment is strictly for accredited investors. By doing this, they tend to limit individual investors from participating.

Some of this crowd investment may either be online or offline. It all depends on what the investors want to achieve and the platform available.

Certain investors may decide to come together to put in their resources and then use the combined resources to invest in a particular asset with the hope that when it yields, they will be able to share the profit within themselves.

As a result of technology, there are also online platforms that support crowd investments, and for the sake of this article, I will be listing some of those platforms and giving information about these crowd investment platforms.

The Benefits of Crowd Investment.

There are different benefits when it comes to crowd investment, and some of these benefits will be listed below.

  • As risky as it may sound, crowd investment provides opportunities for investors to be able to diversify their investments among different assets.
  • Individual investors can utilize the crowd investment platform as a way of supporting startup businesses that they are comfortable with.
  • Investors can also use this avenue to understand the pros and cons of startup investment and how crowd investment can serve as a barrier for individual investors.
  • Crowd investment can also generate revenue in bulk from the smaller percentage of the fund invested.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, there are also different pros and cons of crowd investment and each will be stated below.

The Pros Of Crowd Investment

  • Crowd investment allows individual investors to network with a large group of investors to achieve the same goal.
  • There’s usually a wide range of assets for investors to choose from.
  • Individual investors can grow big as a group compared to their interests.
  • Investors are now able to receive certain rewards or gifts as a result of their investment, depending on the agreement made.
  • It is also a way of offering investors the privilege of obtaining a position in the business.

The Cons Of Crowd Investment

  • Investment opportunities are not always available and sometimes it works on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • They do not have a say on their investment and you just have to follow the rules stated by the crowd investment platform.
  • A certain amount may be given for all investors to invest, thereby limiting the investor to certain choices.

Crowd Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Most crowd investment platforms in Nigeria can be accessed online or through their application which can be found on the Google Play store or the iOS store.


Piggyvest is both a savings and a crowd investment platform that ensures that each of its investment listings has its protection and that they also implement the piggy vest extra capital protection to ensure that crowd investors’ capital is insured in the event of a loss of investment opportunity.

Piggyvest also allows crowd investors to trade assets with another asset in case of liquidation and at the end of the investment, crowd investors will receive their funds in a piggy flex account, as earlier stated, crowd investment is usually based on a first-come, first served.

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Piggyvest offers crowd investors different investment opportunities for as low as 5000 naira. Investors can invest in real estate, agriculture, transportation, and also fixed income.

For as low as 5,000 naira, you can get a unit, and investors are not limited to the number of units they can purchase, except the  offer is no longer available. Full details of the investment will be clearly stated, including the capital plus the profit that will be paid at the maturity date.


This is another crowd investment platform and it has proven to be among the largest mutual fund collections in Nigeria and is registered and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This crowd investment platform gives investors access to different assets be they first-time investors or long-term investors. Investors will be offered these assets but before then a few questions will be asked to know the category the investor falls under and including conservative, moderate, and aggressive.

Once an investor has been given a category, a variety of investment opportunities will be provided for the investor and, cowrywise, also give its investors opportunities to invest in dollars also


Trove is another crowd investment platform that allows its investors to invest in its true financial fraction, especially in cases where you can’t afford shares of bigger companies.

As a Nigerian investor, you can invest in American, Chinese, and Nigerian stocks with as little as 1,000 naira all thanks to Trove.

The major aim is to also help the investors become savvy investors and have the opportunity to trade equity bonds, and foreign investments, and have different financial assets.



Risevest is a crowd investment platform that allows investors to choose from a variety of assets including real estate, fixed income stocks, and returns, and the interest rate ranges between 10 to 14% per annum.


Before getting to this point you should have understood how crowd investment platforms work and also the different Crowd investment platforms in Nigeria.

Crowd investment platforms usually have a way of making investments easier for investors who come together to contribute their little bit to invest in different assets.

All the above platforms can be accessed on the web or the apps are available on the Play store or Apple store.

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