How to make money with WordPress

Have you ever thought about making money with WordPress simply by exploiting your ideas and passions? If the answer is YES, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide I will show you all the techniques for making money with WordPress used by the best marketers to generate a constant profit simply by exploiting your passions., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to earn extra money with WordPress?

The key to being successful and making money with WordPress, in any case, is to ” leverage ” your knowledge and/or skills. Focus on what you do best and offer it to those who don’t have the same skills as you.

Before choosing and using one of these methods, you must create your own WordPress blog. WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, widely used on the web due to its particularity of being able to install, in a few simple clicks, multiple themes and plugins that improve its appearance and its functionality increases.

#. Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways on the Internet to make money with WordPress is affiliates .

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent method of earning (especially for bloggers) because it is a quick and easy way to learn how to sell and because it does not necessarily require your own product but it is possible to also sell other people’s products and earn a small profit from this intermediation. commission that will help increase your profits.

Most web service providers offer commissions if you refer new buyers to them through your website. There are many big brands like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart that offer affiliate programs that you can sign up for and report receiving commissions right away.

#. WordPress website customization consultancy

One of the fastest ways to make money with WordPress is consulting on building, configuring and customizing WordPress websites.

If you are a developer you can consider selling your products in the best marketplaces, such as ThemeForest where registration is even free.

You could also write a tutorial for beginners where you can show how to create a website or create custom themes and plugins for your clients.

Even if some users are able to install a theme or plugin, they do not have the technical skills necessary to customize them.

In these cases, if you are an expert you can offer these customizations by receiving payment based on an hourly rate.

If you have decided to use this earning method to make money with WordPress, I advise you to offer your projects on a free trial basis to the most influential bloggers in the sector in order to obtain in exchange a positive review which will surely increase your sales and your online earnings .

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#. Installation of themes and plugins for WordPress blogs

Another way to make money with WordPress is to offer an installation service to create a WordPress website, for the installation and configuration of its plugins and its premium themes.

Those who are just starting out don’t always have the technical skills necessary to create their own blog or website independently.

In this context, even if you are not an expert consultant, you could propose the installation of WordPress on different web hosting, different plugins and/or free or premium templates.

To offer this type of service, you could create a specific page on your blog describing in detail the costs and specifics of your installation service.

Even if this method does not offer high earnings you can always “exploit” your affiliations (hosting, template, etc) by offering them to customers to earn an extra commission which obviously will not affect the final price that the buyer will pay.

Remember in the latter case to offer services and/or products that you really use and are truly satisfied with, otherwise the result you get will be terrible and you will lose money and customers.

#. Write articles for different WordPress blogs

If your profession is writing then you can earn money with WordPress simply by writing thematic posts.

Many bloggers are looking for people who can “enrich” their blogs with themed articles and in exchange they can offer you a sum of money or a backlink to your website.

Again, I suggest you create a specific page on your blog to showcase your best work to entice future buyers.

#. Generate income with Adsense

In addition to selling your products or offering your services, you can monetize your WordPress blog thanks to Google banner advertising .

Google AdSense is a great option to consider for making money with WordPress. If you choose this method of earning, however, you will need a script that you will receive from Google to integrate into your website after which you will be ready to display advertisements on your blog. Google will pay you every time a user clicks on your advertisement.

However, be careful to choose the right platform for your website.

The free blogs offered on do not support third-party plugins, which is why you will not be able to take advantage of Google advertisements.

See also  HOW TO START POS BUSINESS WITH KUDA BANK has many limitations, while (self-hosted) is instead one of the most flexible platforms for creating websites on the web today and which at the same time offers many earning opportunities. For this reason I recommend you use  precisely because it has no limitations and therefore allows you to insert all the advertisements you want.

#. Sell ​​advertising space on your WordPress site

Even though Google AdSense is the easiest way to earn extra money with WordPress, the commission you receive for clicking on ads is minimal and is not always fixed. Surely the best way to earn extra money is to offer advertising space on your blog. In this case you can directly negotiate the price and conditions for publication or establish a fixed rate for advertisements that does not take into account the number of views or clicks.

#. Sell ​​graphics on your WordPress site

If you like design more than programming and coding, another option to earn extra money is to design and sell graphics on your WordPress site.

You can, for example, create images or logos and then sell them on your site using a special plugin: Easy Digital Downloads , a free WordPress plugin for e-commerce developed exclusively for selling images, audio, video and any other digital file.

#. Sell ​​eBooks and/or info-products

Info products are digital products that are very popular on the web, thanks to their educational purpose. If you’re a blogger or marketer, you can group together your most interesting tutorials and how-to guides to turn them into eBook chapters. Once you have created your eBook, you can then sell it on WordPress using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin .

#. Offer online courses

Online courses are another great way to make money with WordPress. If you are an experienced web designer, web developer, digital marketer or motivational speaker, to earn extra money you can simply leverage your skills.

Create a basic or premium online course also offering support material such as eBooks or slides and then resell it on your WordPress site using the LMS (learning management system) plugin thanks to which you can send it to your customers.

#. Sell ​​sponsored posts on your WordPress blog

Many bloggers prefer to generate income without using Google ADS to avoid losing control over the contents of their posts.

Furthermore, some readers do not like advertisements and use special software called ad blockers to prevent them from being displayed.


In these cases, sponsorship is the best alternative to advertisements.

You can publish a sponsored post on your website indicating the products or services to be sponsored and then agree a pre-agreed sum of money with the sponsors. If you want to use this online earning method you have to work a lot on the credibility of your website making it attractive to advertisers who must prefer your website for the publication of their products or services.

#. Sell ​​your website

There are many entrepreneurs who prefer to buy established websites for their online business instead of starting it from scratch. If you have created a WordPress blog that receives a lot of traffic, you can sell it and earn an agreed amount of money.

If you are interested in this method of earning then you can take a look at the  Flippa website  where you can learn about the most popular websites and their market value.

#. Accepts donations

You can ask for a donation through your blog, for example, by adding a Paypal or Stripe button in a widget or in your blog posts.

It is obvious that this method of earning depends a lot on the generosity of your readers, but if they find your content useful they will certainly have no problems contributing to and supporting your blog.


We have reached the end of this long but certainly not exhaustive list of techniques and methods on how to make money with WordPress and I hope I have helped you choose the right method and above all work for your website.

I wanted to conclude now, reminding you that if it is true that with these techniques (fast and at no cost) anyone can earn money with WordPress, it is also true that to achieve the goal and increase your earnings you must work with dedication and commitment to your online project.

It is necessary to constantly experiment, test and grow. Many of these methods require sacrifices and a constant commitment of time, but only in this way will you be able to earn a living with your WordPress website.

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