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How to become a zenith bank pos agent in Nigeria. Agency banking is the driving force in an economy like Nigeria. we occasionally compare conventional banking and agency banking and found out agency banking is better in Nigeria.

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Almost all the commercial banks have opened opportunity to have agents around for them, I will tell you why.

Agency banking caters for a lot of customers, imagine where you have urgent need of cash, you don’t have any bank branch around you to withdraw, this is where an agent of such bank will help.

Or where someone needs to receive money in few minutes, you know that the only solution at that moment is an agent,rushing to your bank might delay the entire business.

Agency banking takes care of those who cannot make use of mobile application or atm card, to do transactions the only thing they need to do is to visit the bank agent and give details of their transaction.


Zenith bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria with a large customer base. the benefits of opening a business Centre to do point on sale transactions(pos) for people is enormous.

For example, As an agent of zenith bank doing Pos, you earn N100 for each N5000 you send to people from your zenith bank agency account. assuming your customers wants to send N50000 to another, that is a profit of 1000 for just sending money to another account, many payments gateway companies don’t actually earn as high as that figure for one transaction. As an agent, with other businesses, you drive traffic to your stores and attract diverse customers.

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How to become a pos operator with zenith bank

In order to become an agent of zenith bank ,you first need to meet up with their Requirements.

What are the requirements for becoming a Zenith bank POS agent, Just like any other business, there are terms and conditions, Zenith bank agency business is not an exception. To become a zenith bank agent in this business, you should satisfy the following conditions.

#1. Register your business with cac accredited agent either as business name or company.

#2. Pay for shop space or rent a shop and buy your desk and chair.

#3. Choose a high traffic location such as market or where there is no bank.

#4. You must have a zenith bank account operating for at least 6 months before applying.

#5.Submit a proof of your residential address such as a utility bill or Valid National ID card for verification

#6. Submit atleast 2 passport photographs.

#7. Submit your Tax Identification Number (TIN) this is issued to business names and company owners. #8. Submit your Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART) if you have a registered company.

Visit any Zenith bank branch nearest to you and submit your application through the customer relationship manager. Zenith bank will open a corporate or business account for you and issue you with their pos machine.

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