cac accredited agents in lagos are mostly made up of lawyers ,chartered accountants and chartered secretaries. we have in house legal practitioners, that have experience in cac pre and post registration tasks., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

in the process of company registration, business name registration, increase of company share capital,transfer of shares to a company member,cac annual returns filing and company tax filing ,among other jobs, you will need cac accredited agents, the role of cac agents in lagos, abuja and other cities are to inform and advise proprietors,directors and companies on the latest procedural and adjectival rules and changes in corporate affairs matters.

In the event you need a cac agent in lagos,abuja and other cities, we are here to take your queries and to guide your corporate and business life.

What are the job roles of a cac agent in Nigeria- A cac agent in lagos is tasked usually with the following tasks.

i. Information dissemination job: An accredited cac agent is tasked with the role of passing knowledge and updated information to business owners,company directors and share holders of small and large scale company . the corporate affairs commission frequently makes changes to their practice and procedures,thus a cac agent is to be abreast with the latest information to convey to would be clients and clients as well.

ii. Corporate Compliance: An accredited cac agent is to advise companies,business owners on the mandatory requirement of the commission on pre incorporation and post incorporation of their companies and business. the commission attends to the cac agent via the accredited agent portal on any query raised concerning a clients job and this the cac agent resolves to enable an approval of their clients jobs. an an example of a post incorporation filing a cac agent does is annual return filing, increase of share capital,transfer of shares and re-allotment,transfer of charges and corporate tax filing.


iii.Pre-incorporation guide: an accredited cac agent is the promoter of a would be company, they obtain information from the directors,business owners sequel to the incorporation of such business or company. in lagos the pricing of a company registration, for example a limited company with one million shares starts from N45,000 to 55,000, the pre-incorporation pricing of a business name in lagos starts from N20,000-25000 .

Are you looking for a cac accredited agent in lagos, we are here to solve all your pre and post incorporation issues.

Post-incorporation advise and Service-After registration of your business name,limited liability company,incorporated trustee, the next step is to continue filing of your report to the commission on the status of your business yearly, this where annual returns comes in, it is the financial statement you file to the commission regarding the registration status of your business ,company or incorporated trustee. post incorporation activities by an accredited agent are broad ,but all starts after the registration of the entity.

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