Corporate affairs commission abbreviated as cac has made a free tool available to the public to conduct search. cac public search is a free online search platform to enhance speed of obtaining vital results in company and allied matters affairs in Nigeria.

The process of doing a business registration, checking the status of a registered business name or company or even an incorporated trustee, usually takes days to complete, but right now it is fully automated.

The commission wishes to achieve higher score in the ease of doing business by digitalization of their services.

The information obtainable through public search are the names, Rc/bn number of a business or company, or IT number in a situation where it is an incorporated trustee.

How To Use Cac Public Search

in a bid to unravel information concerning a business name such as address, bn number, rc number, registration status, the following steps are essential

1.Log in to your phone or web browser

2. Type and click on the result page.

3.navigate to the search bar and key in the business name or the rc number of it number the category of the organization such as company or business name or incorporated trustee and hit the search button.

5. Result will appear and you can now proceed with your main aim of doing the search.

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