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How to get corporate Affairs Commission certificate in Nigeria

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certificate is a legal document issued by the corporate affairs commission, the corporate regulatory agency in Nigeria. this document is an indication of the validity of the existence of firm, business, company or organization. It also gives the owners the right to carry on business. In other words, it is what showcases you as the owner of a legal business carrying on business under the watchful eyes of the Corporate Affairs commission. In simple words, it simply means your business, firm, corporation is recognized by the government of Nigeria., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Put to mind, that the beauty of operating a business is when there is a legal document that covers you in terms of risk and liability and validates your operation, and this is what this certificate has come to do. It allows scammers or fraudsters to attack you. The companies and allied matters Act of 2020,is the extant law regulating the activities of the corporate affairs commission, alongside the corporate affairs commission regulation rules.

You may be asking how to get this certificate, or even the corporate affairs quick contact. Don’t worry so much. You just arrived at the right page. This article will provide beneficial guides on how you can get the CAC certificate and many other things that would be discussed.

How to get Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate

Getting a Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is not hard but there are certain ways or approaches to make it happen. Accordingly, the ways to getting a certificate from corporate affairs commission is to meet a cac accredited agent near you or online, this is so easy to do, most of the activities of the corporate affairs commission is now online, all the offices in lagos mainland(ikeja) and lagos island(tbs by BRT Bus stop lagos are operating online. there are just step-by-step guides to follow.

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Before we proceed, lets give you the run down on what to observe before you can be issued cac certificate.

● Choose a Business Name 

Choosing an available unique business name -this creates awareness among people of the kind of business you are into. It showcases what your business has to offer. Your brand designs, marketing materials, etc are a sure point of your business.

You should pay a reservation fee of N500. this fee is without remita charges, payable at the bank. This fee is irrespective of the fact that you are sure the name is available for registration and or there is no business name that it conflicts with. Then wait for few days for it to be approved, in line with the commission ease of doing business, this approval can be gotten under 48 hours.

● Fill out the Pre-Registration Form 

This second step can not be neglected. The form is called CAC/BN/1. You must fill out the form with all the necessary details and submit it back to the CAC along with other instructed documents. The information required of you is the name of your business (Approved one), the Nature of your business, its address, date of commencement, your name, job, address, etc.

● Pay the CAC Filing Fees

Filling out the CAC/BN/1 form is not the last step. The next step is to pay the necessary CAC filing fees online. The amount is usually N10,000 for the registration of your business name.

● Submit the Form

Make out time and submit this at the nearest cac office closer to you.

How to Login to Corporate Affairs

To log in to corporate affairs, you need to first register on the CAC Registration Portal before you will be granted access to the Services. To register, you will answer some questions like what your name is, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, email address, and phone number. You will also be expected to select a username. After all these you can now log in to the corporate affair even when you have registered before.



In line with the ease of doing business by the corporate affairs commission, the commission moves majority of all their services online, these services ranges from pre-incoporation services, post -incorporation services, and customer relationship management, so you can comfortably sit in your house and get the prompt services of corporate affairs commission.

The commission is not mincing words, in digitizing all her services, including without excluding issuance of certificates of registration of business names, companies and incorporated trustees.

In order to benefit from this development, you need to be internet savvy, you need to have a valid electronic mail account and also operate a good android phone or iPhone.

Another way of benefiting from this development is to meet a cac accredited agent online.

The corporate affairs commison is now easies to use.

How to use the corporate affairs commission service

in order to make use of this service, you need to register on cac portal and have access to your own dashboard, if you are already registered, you can login to your account from here.

If you are not registered kindly register on cac portal from here

Kindly message us, if you need services of an accredited cac agent.

Does CAC Certificate Expire?

we shall answer this poser in the negative, somehow the word expiration connotes period of time, it is no longer valid and cannot be tendered anywhere as a valid document showcasing the true registration of the business in Nigeria. we posit that as long as a business is carrying on business within the bounds of the law, it does not expire.


There are grounds to which a cac certificate can be said to have expired, in the lay man’s language but on the strict sense of the word, it does not.

what are the grounds for the expiration of the cac certificate:

Failure to file annual return for years, the government agency is very passionate in finding out that the business registered is still carrying on businesses as it represented.

An annual return is a yearly financial statement a valid business must file to show its status with the commission. When you fail to file an annual return continually for years is a ground for the expiration of the CAC certificate, the commission will just strike the business name out from the registry of business names or companies where it is a company.

Moreover, another reason for the expiration of the CAC certificate is that the directors utilize such to carry on illegality, in this case it cannot be said to have expired, but it will be cancelled, and the directors will be called to return the issued certificate.

Corporate Affairs Commission Quick Contact

If you require any level of support for cac services please get in touch with cac via the methods below:

  • Line 1  +234-818-229-8971
    Line 2  +234-818-229-9016
    Line 3  +234-908-740-1600
    Line 4  +234-908-740-1599
    Line 5  +234-908-740-1598
    Line 6  +234-913-105-5341
    Line 7  +234-913-105-5342
    Line 8  +234-913-105-5343

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