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For millions of businesses in the world, email marketing has been one of the greatest techniques by which businesses advertise their brand or products.

With the millions being invested into email marketing by different brands, the need for you to know how this can be done to yield profitable results for your business comes in too. It’s not just about you advertising with emails, it should be mainly about how you can get this to generate great leads for your business.

So, we have decided to walk you through what doing email marketing for your business entails and how you can get it done the right way if you truly want it to yield the results that you want.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategic and direct way of advertising your business by sending emails to a large number of people so as to enlighten and convince them to take an action such as buying or selling a product or service. It’s a digital and direct way of telling people why they should make a purchase and, in some instances, make a sale.

It’s simply a digital strategy used in making one-time buyers or clients into your own customers. You get email lists from people when they make purchases for the first time on your site or store, through a newsletter or normal site subscription.

Why Should You Do Email Marketing For Your Business?

You might be wondering why, of all ways, should email marketing be used to market your business online. Some people often believe that people rarely open their Gmail apps/inbox. That was before now, but the world is changing rapidly and email is becoming a part of people’s normal  life.

Now, people tend to believe emails more than other media because of its officialness. So they trust that any email in their box is more legit than SMS or Facebook messages.

So, considering the aforementioned, email marketing stands as one of the most important strategies that can help your business grow really fast. These are the main reasons you should advertise your business via email.

-Email Is The Most Trusted Communication Medium

Most people trust emails more than other media like SMS or social media because they believe it is official. Almost 90% of people today open their email to check for new mail online, unlike before.

When you advertise through email marketing, your messages are being accessed by email media (Yahoo, Google, etc.) before being dropped in the end user’s inbox. The ones found to be suspicious are filtered out and placed as spam.

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-You Own Your Own List (email list)

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, you own your list. No one can take that away from you. You can’t get suspended or have your account removed. So, the leads are yours.

-Emails Yield Better Results In Marketing

Yes, emails generate better leads and sales than even social media. A larger percentage of people make orders via email than the latter. Plus, they take email messages more seriously than any other due to the officialness. Thus, it makes it the

best platform to make more sales and generate better profits.

How To Do Email Marketing Yourself.

You don’t have to pay a marketer to advertise your business to your email lists if you are on a tight budget or still growing your business. Here are some of the steps to get it done the right way.

-Build Your List

You don’t just start sending emails to random addresses; you need to build lists first. It’s not just building the lists alone; you have to make sure you have the right set of addresses.

Let’s assume you own an online bookstore that sells textbooks, you should more of email addresses of students and academics. Instead of just random people who might not even need your products.

There are some software platforms that can help you do that automatically instead of manually. You should try one.

Add an email provider service

In order to save you the time of sending mail to your prospects one by one. You need the services of an email service provider. It does not end there. They also help to organize and moderate your lists. They also helps you to check the statistics of leads coming in through your campaigns. There are lots of email marketing service providers out there, but it’s advisable you do research before choosing one you are good for.

-Start Your Campaigns

The next step is to begin sending marketing emails to your prospects and customers.

The kind of email you send matters. You need to be persuasive and be able to reckon with your lists. You don’t just drop mail advising your list to buy your products. That’s exactly where copywriting skills come into play.

What Types Of Email Do You Send To Your Clients And Customers?

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Email marketing can actually wow your business if you do it the right way. It should be more about creating a kind of link and relationship with your customers

rather than just persuading them to make a purchase.

You can build a close relationship with your clients and prospects by sending them greeting emails, weekly newsletters, and even an appreciation email. This way,you gain real customers and not just one-time buyers.

In other words, let’s look at the kinds of emails you should be sending to them.

-Welcome Mails

-Newsletters (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually)

-Advert Emails

-Video emails

-Transaction notification

-Product Evaluation Email

-Delivery Email

-Appreciation mail

-Congratulatory mail (on their birthdays, or special occasions)

If you send your customers and prospects the aforementioned with the right approach and content. The relationship between you and them grows stronger and stronger, thus generating you leads that convert to big sales.

Free Email Marketing Service And Software

Like we reiterated in previous paragraphs of this post, you need the service of an email marketing service provider to send emails to your lists.

Email marketing service providers are platforms which uses software to send marketing emails to your clients and prospects. However, most of these providers will cost you some cash in order to start using them. So we decided to list out a few of the email marketing providers that charge you little or next to nothing. In order to save you time and money, we advise you to try them out, especially if you are still trying to grow your business.

-Mail Chimp

Mailchimp stands as one of the best email marketing platforms out there, which you might have heard about. They offer free plans to their users, though a free user is limited to certain services, but it allows you some of the basic features like email design, creation, and scheduling. The best thing is that it allows you to have a view on the performance and stats of your mail, so you can see how you can improve on them.

Another special but unique feature that mail chimp offers is email design, as it allows you to store images, videos, and documents on a content manager. Plus, you can easily automate emails when a client or prospect is about to make a purchase. These include sending them welcome mail, reminder, and confirmation of order e.t.c.


Sendiblue is an email marketing software platform that allows you to send marketing emails and other services, including the creation of landing pages and management of clients’ and customers’ relationships. It has close to 80 email design templates which you can easily edit and design a nice email. It also allows you to preview emails and see how they look before saving or sending them.

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With Sendiblue, after creating and designing your emails, its A/B testing features allow you to optimise and guess what might be the outcome. And also, target people who might be interested or have a connection with the kind of business or product you have.


Hubspot is one of the best email marketing platforms used by dmarketers and businesses. The platform just added a free email marketing package to their service so as to help startups who might not be able to afford the cost.

Its free version can help you do lots of things, including sending welcome mails, reminders, transaction details, requests, orders, and appreciation mails. One best side of it is the ease in using it. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to design your emails the way you want them or use available templates.

Main reason why Hubspot free package is preferable to other platforms when you sign up is that you can access the tool bar, arrange your lists and also check the performances.

Final Thoughts

If you are just getting started or already getting lots of sales, Consider using more email marketing in your marketing campaigns. According to statistics, businesses that use email to market earn twice as much as those that only use social media campaigns. This is because emails are just too official to be taken unseriously. Email marketing campaigns often require some special skills, but you can do it yourself if you are still trying to grow your business and still get good returns. We advise you to go for the email marketing services that offer a free plan if you are still at the growth stage of your business and don’t have enough to pay for email marketing.

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