You would look at private security organisation like GSS (Graylincs security services) and you would be amazed at how great a security outfit they are., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Nurturing the desire to set up a private security firm is fine,but getting the firm registered,licensed and functional remains a huge task.


In an ever growing country like Nigeria, the importance of a private security firm cannot be over emphasized.

How to register a private security company in Nigeria: the reality is that most private companies in Nigeria,rely on the services of private security firms for maximum security of their facility. You would know that the number of government security personnel cannot secure every person , and cannot necessarily be called in in every situation.


it is therefore paramount to have the services of private security organisations, a private security organisation is a non governmental organisation, it is not a government agency, but must be licensed by the government where necessary.

Procedures for Private security registration in Nigeria: to begin registration of a private security firm in Nigeria, requires two stages, they are first, the pre-incorporation stage and post incorporation stage, the pre-incorporation stage involves following the guideline by the corporate affairs commission to obtain certificate of registration.

How to process private security registration with cac, to process the registration of a private security firm registration with cac, you need to


(i ) propose a name for registration : a name proposal and search goes together, the applicant must pay the necessary fees for this.

(ii) submit your national identity card, international passport, driving license or voters card.

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(iii) pay your official filing fee for the share capital and federal inland revenue services fees (ten million minimum share capital minimum threshold )


(iv) submit your application : it is necessary to submit application after complying with the necessary procedures to enable cac to review the application.


it is important to note that a private security firm, cannot be registered neither can it be classified as a business name, a private security firm can only be registered as limited company (llc,or llp,or lp).


post incorporation requirement for private security firms in Nigeria: the procedures for obtaining a registration with the corporate affairs commission, is not the same for post incorporation registration and licensing.


The agency in charge of post incorporation requirement of private security firms in Nigeria,is NSCDC (Nigerian Security and civil defense corps), among other core mandates of NSCDC, they are to :


To recommend to the minister the registration of private guard companies, and from time to time inspect the premises of private guard companies, training facilities and approve same if its up to standard.

Steps to follow to obtain the NSCDC License for a private security firm:


  • Draft an Application letter for private guard license addressed to the Commandant General


  • Show Evidence of company registration with a minimum of ten million naira share / authorized share capital and a minimum of 3 directors. it is necessary to note that one of the directors must be a retired military officer.


  • Attach a Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association (preferred two copies)


  • Photocopy the certificates of incorporation from corporate affairs commission (two copies is ok)
  • Apply for Payment processing from the agency and pay the prescribed fees
  • Attach your Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Attach your Statement of account
  • Attach a Letter from a legal adviser of the company
  • Attach a Letter from an auditor of the company
  • Show clear plan of the Proposed training program by the company
  • Submit a Proposed salary structure for the company staff
  • Veterinary certificate (optional)
  • Attach Personal History Statement (PHS) forms of all the directors where applicable at the rate of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) only. All directors must obtain one.
  • Academic and business Credentials of directors (two copies) to be attached with PHS form.
  • Letter from bankers
  • Make Eight (8) passport photographs for each of the Directors
  • Eight (8) full photographs , usually (postcard 5 x7 inches) of each of the Directors with a white background, with five fingers print and signature signed at the back of the postcard (photograph) in the presence of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Officers.
  • Photocopy of the signature page of the Directors in the international passport or National ID Card or Driver’s License and this should be stapled at the back cover of the file jacket.,
  • Fill the PHS forms appropriately, PHS form must be adequately filled by the Directors stating Nil or Not Applicable to portions they do not have answers to and no column should be left unfiled.
  • Attestation letters from referees for each Directors
  • Exhibit at least One uniform sample with a photograph of a guard in Uniform (2 copies). All uniforms and accouterments,it must not have the semblance of any government agency or be similar to any other Private Guard Companies.
  • Pay your Application fee of N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) to NSCDC generating remita code for this.

it is worthy to note that there are license categories and fees, which is calculated from the number of guards you are recruiting.

Licensing Category and Fees– there are two categories of license. separate licensing applicable for the categories are stated as follows:

  1. 3000 Guards Category are under Category A: you can have more than 3,000 guards. apart from the application, the license fee is  N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira) 
  2. Less than 3000 Guards : this category is classified as category B,For category B, you cannot have more than 3,000 guards. The license fee is the sum of N2,500,000 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira).


A functional and operational security firm helps to bridge the unemployment volume in the Nigerian job market.

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