Driving is one of the notable skill patronized globally,world over job opportunities are advertised monthly for driving job vacancy. you will learn how to successfully start up a driving school business in Nigeria. Driving school business is not a competitive business in some locations in Nigeria ,however it remains lucrative. Driving school business in some locations in Nigeria,such as lagos,Abuja and portharcourt is quite competitve,and might be above average in terms of affordability. in lagos state for example there are about 191 accredited driving schools in operation in the state.

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A driving school is a company that is licensed to train ,equip applicants/students with the requisite knowledge and experience on driving techniques and ethics. A driving school provides different industrial training facilities,to the students,while they undergo training at their training site.

WHAT YOU EXPECT IN A DRIVING SCHOOL– in a driving shool the basics and advanced driving trainings on how to start driving,road usage ,how to overcome fear as a driver are thought.

STARTING A DRIVING SCHOOL BUSINESS IN NIGERIA-in order to start,operate a successful licensed driving school business in Nigeria,the operator need to follow with these simple steps ,first among them is to comply with the rules and laws of federal republic of Nigeria, the regulating laws here are (National Road traffic Regulations 2012) and the company and allied matters Act 2020 . in Nigeria for the purpose of pre-incorporation of any business ,the regulating agency is the corporate affairs commission., to procure license for driving school business in Nigeria, the federal government agency in charge is federal road safety commission.

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HOW TO REGISTER YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL BUSINESS WITH CAC IN NIGERIA-Any driving school business operator in Nigeria need to pass through the process of registration with the corporate affairs commission and then obtain license from federal road safety commission.

The process required in registering a driving school business as a business name or as a company differs,however if you want to register your driving business as a registered company, you will need to follow these steps.

firstly ,choose your preferred business name or company name.

Contact an accredited cac agent.

Instruct and submit to the cac agent on the following ;your full names ,residential address,email address,phone numbers,your business objectives,profile details of the company directors,and shareholders,secretary where need be.

The accredited agent usually takes this instruction and submits your application for registration to the commission.

Upon submission,the commission can approve or disapprove the application.

The certificate of incorporation of the company is necessary upon approval,as well as the certified true copies of the supporting documents of the registered company.

The company is now registered, the tax identification number must be procured, the application for the tax identification number of a company is processed from federal inland revenue service .

Upon approval and allocation of the TIN from federal inland revenue service,kindly prepare and compile a photocopy of these certificates.


There are list of licensed driving school businesses in various states of Nigeria. in order to join in the list of licensed driving school businesses in Nigeria,you will need the license from federal road safety commission.

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Visit any federal road safety commission office with your company certificates and tax identification number.

At the Federal road safety commission office, you will get a form TSC001 or you download it online and fill.

Completion and submission of registration form.

Submission of a copy of cac company certificate

Submission of your Tin to the federal road safety commission.

Submission of drivers license of your driving school instructor/proprietor

-Inspection and assessment of proposed driving school office by relevant agency.

-Approval and certification if minimum standard is met.

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