Every business needs a seed capital to grow ,in 2022,as a business owner, you would need information regarding where you can get funding opportunities.

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Funding is a vital aspect of every business, as the cost of setting up a business and running it bites hard, you need a helper to mitigate the cost.

Notable businesses where people seeks funding in nigeria are Agricultural business funding opportunities.
Technology business funding opportunities for smes
business funding opportunities for transport and logistics startups in nigeria
business funding for importers and exporters in nigeria
funding opportunities for trading business smes in nigeria
grant funding opportunity for entrepreneurs agri-business expansion in northern nigeria

in Nigeria, there is scarce opportunities for start ups to get funding, it is not easy winning the hearts of people to invest, in your business ideas.if you are running a business with little knowledge on how to raise funds, probably your business will take a nosedive.

in 2022, we have prepared lists of funding opportunities for Nigerian youths and small business owners in Nigeria.

it is important to note that before sending your application for funding, there steps you need to undertake.

You need to know that having ideas of getting money through your business is not enough.

In order to get funded , you need a good written business plan and a business presentation video .

information is power, getting funding information on time keeps you ahead of others.

Below is a list of relevant grants and funding opportunities for Nigerians with their respective deadlines:

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (USD 5,000)

Application Deadline/Period: 31 March 2022

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APPLICATION LINK https://www.tefconnect.net/

Fund for Innovation in Development

Application Deadline/Period: Ongoing

Visa Everywhere Initiative 2022

Application Deadline/Period: 04 April 2022

World Bank Group Youth Summit Competition

Application Deadline/Period: 04 March 2022

ClimateScience Olympiad

Application Deadline/Period: 10 August 2022

The Geneva Challenge 2022

Application Deadline/Period: 20 April 2022

CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa 2022

Application Deadline/Period: 27 February 2022

The UNICEF Innovation Fund 

Application Deadline/Period: 08 March 2022

The Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) Global

Application Deadline/Period: 24 April 2022

WISE Edtech Accelerator

Application Deadline/Period: 14 April 2022

Nokia Bell Labs Prize

Application Deadline/Period: 22 April 2022

IFC ScaleX Accelerators Programme

Application Deadline/Period: Unspecified

The Future Rising Fellows

Application Deadline/Period: 10 March 2022

Digital Lab Africa 2022

Application Deadline/Period: 28 February 2022

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