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Whether you are doing trading or providing a service, the requirement for registration of your business, services is very essential., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In Nigeria, there are key different ways to registering your business, depending on the niche of your business.

The requirement of business registration at certain times depends on the stage of the business.

A business registered in Nigeria at these different government organizations, such as corporate affairs commission, Nigeria food and drug administration and Control, (NAFDAC) and standard organizations of Nigeria, Nigeria deposit insurance corporation, Central bank of Nigeria,(CBN)Nigeria customs service, Nigeria import and Export promotion council, Nigeria Port Authority, Nigeria Engineering council, National communication commission, and other .

How to register your business with corporate affairs commission in Nigeria.

Generally, if you are doing trading, or provision of services in Nigeria, corporate affairs commission regulates business incorporation in Nigeria.

If You are looking for where to register your business in Nigeria, well you can contact an accredited cac agent. Basically, the location of registering your business in Nigeria is now online, most of the cac accredited agents are here.


In other to register your business in Nigeria, you must be an adult, or register as an infant director or proprietor under at least two adults. An adult in Nigeria is someone who is at least eighteen years of age.

This registration is done with your personal and business data. for example, the Cac agent will ask you for

I. Your Full names and residential address.

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ii. Your means of identification and passport photograph.

iii. your Email address and phone number.

iv. Your date of birth

v. Nature of business

Other requirements that will be needed if you are floating a company in Nigeria, are the shareholders information.


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