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Hello welcome to this latest blog post, in this post I will be helping you to know how to find out if a company is registered in Nigeria. At some certain times, we face the issue of verifying a business or doing a (know your client task) on a company before venturing into business with it. Every business at certain times must do this., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to find out a registered company in Nigeria. if you are doing business in Nigeria, you don’t need to risk your business fortunes by failing to do verification.

In order to do verification in Nigeria for a company, you will do the following.

Contact An Accredited Cac Agent- The corporate affairs commission has made it easier for people to find out the real status of any company without the onerous task of visiting the Cac office.

An accredited cac agent is the agent of corporate affairs commission and has the proper link and experience on the task .it is no longer news that cac has fully gone digital in their service delivery. in order to tap the benefit of this digitization, the proper thing to do is to consult us, or in any event you want any other cac agent, you need to task the cac agent on this specifically.

The preliminary information of any cac agent will ask are : what is the name of the company or the RC number of the company?

The name of the company helps the cac agent to navigate from his/her portal and input the name or RC number of the company.

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At this point, any information available for the public to know, will be available for the agent to see.

in 2015, Nigerian then president Goodluck Jonathan signed into law freedom of information bill into law.

The public can access certain information of the directors and owners of the company .


It is not everyone doing business would like to have his or her personal information to be available to the public.

The corporate Affairs commission understands this, and has such option when you are registering the company.

It is better the owner of the company informs the cac agent, that he would like his residential address, and personal information such as date of birth , and full name to be locked from public.

This feature of locking your profile is a premium service and attracts higher charges from the commission.


In order to check the status of any company in Nigeria without going through an accredited agent,

i. visit and type the name of the company or business name in the search bar,

ii. choose the category of the company, for example are you searching for a business name? or company? make sure you input it well and choose category if wrongly redirected to another.

Iii. Submit your search query for result.


it is better to Key into the digital transformation that has revolutionized the way we do things, including the services obtainable from cac .

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