Cac public search is a free tool made available by the corporate affairs commission to members of the public to carry on a lot of tasks, such as finding the registered number of a business, a company rc number, the registration status of a business name or company.

in conducting business name or company public search, you can first visit this search portal to find out the status of the name before proceeding.


Name Availability Search– Conducting search on the names you want to submit for registration is necessary, because there could be a coincidence or similarity of name by two persons. So conduct search to avoid registering a name someone else had registered, this is necessary and mandatory for your company incorporation. The consequence of not filing for name search is that the commission won’t allow you to start registration without confirming the availability of the name you are proposing for registration, so it’s mandatory before any registration. its a paid search, not your normal public search on carried out on

2. Duration-The result for the search application normally takes 2-3 days maximum,the report will be made available by the commission.if the names are approved after search,then,you can now fully proceed for the registration of your company,however the commission might deny your application if the names are similar,confusing with an already existing name,or contrary to any rules of the commission.

upon the approval of the name,cac reserves it for 60 days,to enable you to complete the registration,failure to complete this process with the reserved period,you will need to apply for renewal of the approved and reserved name.


To Continue with the registration,you need to get all your necessary identity cards ready,with your company aims and objectives.

3.Choose your Directors, in case you are not the owner.(Shareholders are not always directors,where its a limited liability partnership you need to specify)

4.Obtain an identity card for your secretary.

5.Choose the number of share capital where the commission did not specify one for that nature of business.

Share capital is a must,for limited company only,so you must decide on how many shares you are going for,if there is no mandatory share capital for the business,your shares will have to be subscribed to,by a share holder in the company, it could be your second director, if he is also a Shareholder.

6. Make payment for your federal inland Revenue service stamp duty fees.

7.Make payment for your registration fee to the commission

8.Notarise your documents and file. Please contact us if you need us to assist you.



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limited liabilty partnership and limited partnership


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