Best Credit Card of 2022 You Should Get

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Looking for a good credit card? Are you Looking for the best credit to serve your needs and receive direct payments? In this article, you’ll discover the best credit card of 2022 and its benefits compared to the others.

So, we know that there are hundreds of credit cards worldwide and lots are being promoted. People are now having too many questions including which is the best credit card for them to apply for and what it has to offer.

We’ve made a little list on the best credit cards of 2022 that you should choose from. The list has been made to be as simple as possible based on all the options of credit cards available to you.

Below, we’ll look at the different credit cards, their main features as well as their benefits and why you should choose any of them.

List of Best Credit Card of 2022

For us to determine which credit card is really the best, let’s go through 5 good credit cards then compare them and determine our best.

1. Citi Custom Cash Credit Card

The Citi Custom Cash credit card has been considered as our first pick of best credit card of 2022. It has no annual fee, a unique earning feature

With Citi Custom Cash credit card unique earning feature, you can earn a 5 percent cashback on your highest spending category; when you spend up to $500 for the first time on a category then 1 percent cashback on other categories.

There are only 10 categories available for spending using this credit card. The categories include live entertainment, drugstores, select travel, restaurants, fitness clubs, select transit, Gas stations, select streaming services, grocery stores, home improvement stores.

The best and most profitable way to use this card is to acquire it and use it for only one category so you’ll get 5 percent cashback more often. This way, you can earn 5 % cashback each monthly cycle which means you can earn up to $25 of cashback (on $500) every cycle.


Currently, Citi Custom Cash credit card offers a cashback worth $200 once you spend $750 or more on a new account (in the first 3 months). The earnings here are given in form of Citi Thank You Points which can later be converted to cashbacks.

The only downside to using Citi Custom Cash credit card is that it has a 3% foreign transaction fee for users living outside the country.

2. Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card

Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card is yet another good credit card in 2022 that offers about 5% cashbacks with no annual fees. Amazing right?

With this credit card, you’ll get a welcome bonus in form of a cashback worth $200 after spending as little as $500 within 3 months of opening an account. You’ll also be offered about 5% cashbacks on just $6000 gas station purchases in the first year of opening your account.

The $200 is given to you in form of 20,000 chase ultimate reward (UR) points which can be converted to cashbacks or using other methods.

With the freedom flex card, Chase Freedom Flex credit card owners can get 5% cashback on travel, 3% on dining, 3% on drugstores and 1% on other categories. If you need to use cell phone protection, you’ll be charged a 3% foreign transaction fee.

You can also earn 5% cashback when you spend up to $1500 on various categories. You can read more about this on their official website.

3. Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card is almost like the Chase Freedom flex when comparing their features. It doesn’t have annual fees and chase unlimited points. Its welcome bonus as well as other bonuses is almost the same as the Chase Freedom Flex credit card.

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The downside of this credit card in contrast to Case Freedom Flex credit card is that it doesn’t contain cell phone protection and there is a foreign transaction fee.

Are you wondering why chase decided to create two credit cards? Well here’s why. The freedom unlimited credit card by chase offers 1.5% for all categories while the freedom flex offers 5% cashback for rotating categories.

4. Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card has no foreign transaction fees but unluckily, it has a $95 annual fee however, it has a standard welcome bonus of about 60,000 bonus points.

This welcome bonus point is gotten after you spend up to $4,000 within 3 months of opening your account. The $60,000 bonus point worth about $750 if you redeem it through the ultimate rewards by chase.

Additionally, you will earn extra bonus points equal to 10% of your total purchases in the previous year. If you use pay yourself back, your bonus points value will increase by 25%.

5. Capital One Venture X Credit Card

Capital One Venture X credit card is a premium travel card that is focused on travel payments and is easier to acquire compared to the other credit cards.

It offers about $300 annual travel credit which is pretty good. If your card is available till each of capital one anniversary, you’ll receive an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles which is equal to $100 for travelling.

For the welcome bonus, this Capital One Venture X credit card offers 75,000 miles when you spend up to $4,000 within 3 months of opening your account.

For the multipliers, the credit card offers 10X miles on bookings, 5X miles on flights and 2X miles on all other purchases booked through the portal. Additionally, there is a $100 global entry credit and on TSA precheck.

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You will also get primary auto rental coverage and 4 authorized users that can use the same benefit as well.

The downside of this credit card is that it comes with an annual fee of $395 per year with is pretty high for some aspiring users to handle and it can only be used for travelling and booking options.

What is unknown to most people is that the bonus offers on the credit card almost covers the annual fee which is fair enough.


When choosing your credit card, you’ll need to consider the supposed primary use of the card to ensure that you get more profit and choose the right card.

For your question of “what is the best credit card of 2022” you might want to choose a general card like the Citi Custom Cash credit card or other general credit cards. However, if you need a credit card for travelling and bookings only, you can go for the Capital One Venture X credit card.

Note that you may use more than one credit card if needed. However, our best credit card of 2022 will be the Citi Custom Cash credit card considering its low cost and high cashbacks. If you need multiple credit cards, you might want to pick some of Chase credit cards.

Always remember that it’s your choice to choose your desired credit card and we are not in any way forcing you to pick what you don’t want.

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