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The evolution of technology has affected every aspect of human lives and endeavors. It has been seen as the driving force and benchmark of ease in almost all human transactions and dealings. It has proven its stance and essence in society—human society. Different sectors and industries are storming and adapting to the new ways of doing things; they are utilizing them for their own good with the backing of the governments of their countries


Online international passport registration


In line with adapting to changing tides in information technology, the federal government of Nigeria, too, has taken a step further to ease the process of applying for international passports by initiating an online means of application. It is observed that this is due to the unnecessary stress its citizens go through when applying for international passports. This initiative is meant to put a smile on the faces of those in the application process and those who are still contemplating how to go about it. People can now apply from the comfort of their homes without fear or fervor.

What should you know?

If you are applying for an international passport as a Nigerian or foreigner in Nigeria, there are various things to take cognizance of. Some of them are:


As a Nigerian


  • If you are a Nigerian longing for a 32-page passport with five years of validity, it is required that you pay nothing less than thirty-five thousand naira(N35,000).


  • For those looking for a 64-page passport with 10 years of validity, due to the fact that you are on a higher scale than the former, you are required to anticipate a fee of seventy thousand naira (N70, 000).


As a foreigner


  • As a foreign applicant(s) longing to get an international passport of 32 pages with 5 years of validity, it is demanded that you pay the sum of one hundred and thirty United States dollars ($130).


  • You are required to pay the sum of two hundred and thirty United States dollars ($230)if you are applying for a passport with 64 pages and 10 years of validity.


General requirements


  • Standard passport
  • Local government letter of identification
  • Birth certificate or age declaration
  • A guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of oaths, a magistrate, or a high court judge.
  • 2 recent color passports
  • In the case of a minor under the age of 16, a parent’s letter of consent is needed.
  • If you are married, you will need your marriage certificate.
  • In the case of the loss of a passport, a police report is important.



How do I apply for my international passport online?


Do well to carefully follow the steps listed below:


  1. The registration portal


The first step to take is to log on to the application portal, While doing this, fill in your national identification number to automatically give them the data you have with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). This is to ensure clarity of identity, and it will also set you on the run.


  1. Passport type:


You will be given the option to choose the passport type of your choice. If you are going for the standard passport, click on “Standard e-passport,” or if you are going for the official one, tap on “official e-passport.”



  1. Fill the forms:


Make sure to fill in the necessary information with all sincerity and honesty. You will also be required to upload your passport photograph and other documents to back you up, like a birth certificate, among others that support your legality.


  1. Submission of application:


To proceed and view the applicant detail page, tap on the “Submit Application” button.


  1. Online payment:


Also, have it in the back of your mind that you will be asked to make an online payment. Feel free to make use of the option that best suits the situation and your choice, as you will have different choices.


  1. Pay the office of the Nigeria Immigration Service a visit:


After you are done filling out your data online, it is mandatory that you visit the office of Nigerian Immigration for your biometrics.


Note: Do keep in mind that the collection of passports takes place between two weeks and more after the period of registration.

How to Renew your expired Passport 


If you want to renew your passport, consider gathering the following data before taking any further steps:


  • Make sure your national identification number (NIN) is intact.
  • Get a standard passport.
  • Also, your old passport number is necessary.
  • Get your support on board. Documents like your birth certificate, et al.


Bottom line


Out of all the means of getting an international passport, online seems to be far less complex and less tasking than other means. It is easier and more convenient; you can register from the comfort of your home without prejudice. It’s fast and simple. The only time you will need to present yourself physically before the immigration officers is when you want to do your biometrics and collect your passport.


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