When did russia first invade ukraine 2022?Around 05:00 EET (UTC+2) on 24 February, Putin announced a “special military operation” in eastern Ukraine; minutes later, missiles began to hit locations across Ukraine, including the capital, Kyiv.

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On 24th February 2022, the whole world woke up to read news of russian invasion of ukraine, shelling and gunshots were heard in the Ukrainian city of kyiv .

Growing List Of Companies That Have Cut Ties With Russia Over Ukraine Invasion• 1.

1. Meta (Facebook)•

2.Tiktok• 3. Google• 4. YouTube• Apple• 5. Netflix• 6. WarnerMedia• 7.Spotify• 8.DirecTV• 9. Disney• 10.Harley-Davidson• 11.Sony Pictures• 12. Roku• 13.Ford• 14.American Express•15. Norwegian Land Rover• 16.Jaguar Land Rover• 17.Volkswagen•18. ExxonMobil• 19.GM• Volvo•20. Honda•21. Maersk• 22.Shell• 23.BP• 24.Total• 25.Equinor• 26.TotalEnergies• 27.Nike• 28.Adidas•29. Mastercard• 30.Visa•31. Dell

The number of companies will keep growing as America,Eu and UN and her members continues to urge Russia, to withdraw troops from Ukraine ,and follow diplomacy.


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