Duke University Scholarship for international student in 2023

Duke university is a private research university in Durham North Carolina, United States.

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Duke University was founded by Methodists and quakers in the present-day city of trinity in 1892.

Duke University is in United states, United states Universities receives thousands of applications annually as students try to gain admission into the top global universities in United states.

United States is known for its leading technology, research, and innovation, a degree from a US university will surely look attractive on your CV and will increase your job applications success and earnings. It’s no wonder the country has many great international students’ applications annually.

Tuition Fees at Duke University for International Students

Considering the reputation and quality of education at USA Universities, you would not expect less in terms of the amount of funds, to study in USA Universities. we will be discussing the tuition fees for international students at Duke University. from the fee for the bachelor’s tuition fees for international students at Duke University ,is 60,600 USD per year. Master’s tuition fee for international students at Duke University is 60,300 USD per year.


Most of the times, a student comes across universities at USA, Canada and Uk, the most daunting challenge is the tuition fees, accommodation fees, travel and flight fees, meals and books.

In order to navigate this, you can begin taking the following tips in raising the funds

i.Personal savings

ii. Funding support from Family and friends

iii. Funding from charity and educational organizations

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iv. Funding from religious bodies

v. Funding from students loan companies.

Prominent Duke University Scholarships for International Students.

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Karsh International Scholarship Program

Karsh International Scholarship Program is a fully funded scholarship offered to international students from any country. This is one of the most generous scholarships at the Duke University.the Karsh International Scholarship was founded in 2010 thanks to a generous donation from Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh. Karsh International Scholars comprise an intellectually and civically engaged cohort of international students who promote interdisciplinary inquiry, academic research, and scholarship in the service of society

To be considered for this undergraduate scholarship at Duke University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

i. Apply to Duke University for admission into any of the programs offered by the university.

ii. Show Strong academic preparation and documented need for financial aid if admitted by the university.

iii. Fill the financial aid forms online and submit.

iii. Follow up your application and contact the school

Graduate Scholarships

1. Graduate Assistantships

  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding
  • Degrees Offered: Master’s and PhD

Duke University also provides financial support to international students in Master’s and PhD programs through Graduate Assistantships.

Through Graduate Assistantships, Master’s and PhD students at the Duke University enjoy the following benefits:

  • $3,050 per course rate for teaching assistants instructors and $6,100 for teaching assistants graders
  • $25,245 per academic year for medical teaching assistants

You will still need to shoulder some costs but getting a Graduate Assistantships grant will help you fund your studies significantly.


Contact the university for more details .

An African Applicant must get the following ready.

A copy of the graduate certificate

A Copy of the west African examination council certificate

A police character certificate

A transcript of the University graduated from.

A health clearance certificate such as tuberculosis test from a government health unit.


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