Corporate Affairs Commissioni is one of the transparent government agencies in Nigeria, in carrying out its administrative function of overseeing the registration and post-registration compliance of entities in Nigeria, mistakes are bound to happen. mistakes, errors are common can occurrence witnessed on financial transactions, and payment of money to cac is no exception. If you have made a payment to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria in error or for the wrong purpose, don’t panic. This blog post aims to guide you through the process of recovering money paid to the Corporate Affairs Commission, and in ensuring you don’t lose your hard-earned money., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It will be important to note that corporate affairs commission is one of the high-income generation agencies for the federal government of Nigeria. in 2022 cac estimated revenue was N24.5 billion from registration and post-registration services, according to

The corporate affairs commission since 2021 digitized all her services and renders all her services on her online portals through accredited cac agents.

Cac registration for Business Names In Nigeria– All businesses trading or rendering services for profits, and is situate in Nigeria are expected to comply with registration with cac. in order to register a business name, the owner is expected to comply with the following procedures, ensure to have a physical or virtual address, from where the business operates from.

The business must have an owner or partners willing to register the business, it is always expected to contact an accredited cac agent before registration to know peculiar requirements of your business registration.


General requirements for registration of business names in Nigeria.

i. Names of the proprietor

ii. Residential address of the proprietor,

iii. Email address and phone contact of the owner.

iv. The business address of the business

v. nature of business

vi. Signature, passport photograph and means of identification of the owner.

  1. In the likely event, your registration payment encounters error, or you selected the wrong item, while making payment to corporate affairs commission, and was debited. you can raise charge back through the, yes remita is the federal government agencies revenue collector. All payments due to be made to federal government agencies such as federal inland revenue services, federal universities, cac, custom can be made on remita platform. when the need to make payment to federal agency arises, you can proceed to remita and initiate and complete the payment there. if the payment encounters problem or was erroneously made, contacting remita will be vital.

In order to contact remita ,kindly utilize the remita reference code issued to you and send a ticket to remita on their customer email support channel,

Remita has a lot of their customer relationship managers, they will get back to you, to find out how to resolve the issue you encountered.

In the likely event, the payment was declined by your card, and remita did not receive value, the remita support will direct you to raise a charge back through your bank customer service relationship manager.

In this case, you are expected to go to your bank and fill a dispense error form /charge back form. the bank will reverse the payments within 3-7 days .


2. Where Remita received payment, the remita customer relationship manager, will send the remita receipts to you on your registered email address.

3.The receipts of payments issued by remita is your proof of payment, and your evidence to rebut any claims by cac, that there was no payments.

4.Prepare your application for reversal of payment and forward same through your accredited cac agent or send ticket to cac on the following email address.,,,, phone numbers- 234-708-062-9000, twitter handle Corporate Affairs Commission (@cacnigeria1) / Twitter

Line 1 – 08182298971

Line 2 – 08182299016

Line 3 – 09087401599

Line 4 – 09087401598

Line 5 – 09087401600

5.The commission will on most occasion revert back and inquire from you what transpired. if the payments were truly made in error or mistake or the registration has failed, you can receive the funds via your account number within 21-30 days or more.

It is important to note that recovering money paid to the Cac requires these outlined steps and your effective communication skills, it is advised you act swiftly, and provide the necessary proof of payments, and engaging them consistently will increase your chances of a successful resolution.

Remember to remain persistent as resolving administrative errors such as this can often be a time-consuming process, also note cac attends to thousands of customers daily, you can contact cac accredited agents to assist you to speed up the procedure .

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