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There is a prevalence of pests and rodents within our homes and workplaces because of food substances, dirty utensils, and many things which attract pests. For this reason, their existence (pests and rodents)  is enormous almost everywhere in Nigeria. Due to its sufficiency, to avoid damage, people might require fumigation. You see, you now have a business to hold on to.

In case you don’t know, pests have more than one economic importance _ destroying valuables and spreading dangerous diseases.,for example a specie of rodent spreads lassa fever,lassa fever has high prevalence in Nigeria.This is one of the reasons, you should make sure they are killed by the use of pesticides or employ the services of a fumigator.

You may ask, what is fumigation? Fumigation is the process of eliminating microscopic organisms either in homes, industries, or working places. It can also be defined as a way of destroying pests around our premise.

In a nutshell, starting a fumigation business could be profitable to you. Many homes, offices, and industries are always seeking the best way to kill rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, termites, and many of them. What they do is destroy valuable or transfer the deadly infections to humans. These are reasons you should venture into fumigation.

In fact, fumigators are needed almost everywhere, especially in industries where packaged foodstuff is made like _dairy factories and confectionaries. Plus, factories that deal with perishable goods and raw materials need fumigators. Remember, fumigators are needed in the school, farm, homes, etc. You will make good money if venture into this business. The need for fumigators is increasing rapidly.

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The reason for the article is to discuss the major steps to follow if you want to start a fumigation business.

Is Fumigation a Profitable Business?

Absolutely yes. It’s a very profitable business to venture in. The most important thing is the ability to start up a business. As earlier stated, fumigators are needed in almost all parts of Nigeria. Every home, office, industry, and farmland including malls needs them. According to the estimation of experts in Nigeria, the average amount fumigation agency in nigeria earns per month is between N200,000 and N300,000. This, hence, relies on the location and coverage of the fumigation.

How to Start a Fumigation Business in Nigeria

Below are steps to start a fumigation business in Nigeria.

Attend training

Before you become a fumigator, you must have undergone some specific training. Remember, starting a fumigation business is all about studying or learning how to kill or destroy pests and rodents using fumigants. You need to have good training on the rudiments of fumigation. Plus the types of chemicals and how to mix them in the right proportion. And know their safety precautions to avoid being contaminated.

After this training, you will learn how to advise your clients on the control of pests. You will also take away the equipment necessary for fumigation.

Register Your Business

Registration of your fumigation business will create awareness among your customers. Not only that, you need to register your business with professional bodies to get licensed. You might ask, where can I register my business? The Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) is there to help you out.


if You need the services of a cac accredited agent ,we can help can also register it with the Ministry of Environment in your state.

Develop a Business Plan

Any business without a business plan doesn’t end well. Here, you are expected to draft out the income and expenditures of the business. This will help you know the profitability of your business.

Get the equipment ready

Fumigation needs equipment. Try and get as much as possible. Equipment like coveralls, foamers, fumigating trucks, fogging equipment, power sprayers, etc should be made available.


To make your business grow and attract more customers, you should learn to advertise your business. Make a flex that showcases what you do or you can advertise it on social media. By doing so, people will patronize you.


As an individual who needs an entrepreneurship business to start. This is a very lucrative one. In case it’s a business that can put food on your table because it is mostly run as a sole proprietorship business. You may employ more workers to help you with some of the work when the business gets bigger.


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