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Clothes are worn regularly to working places, schools, etc and they should be washed and ironed. Some white-collar jobs don’t give people the opportunity to wash their clothes so they would be needing the services of a dry cleaner. People are getting busier to achieve the expected goal per day. An average working-class Nigerian works from morning to evening. Even some work even on Saturdays and Sundays just to make a living. The tight schedule makes it very hard to make out enough time to do laundry.

I remember my flatmate. He is a bachelor. He is a banker. He leaves the house by 4:00 am and returns by 5:00 pm. He is a very busy man.  There is no time to wash and iron his clothes. To solve the situation, he employed a house cleaner. She washes his clothes and irons them and then leaves.

This is the kind of person that needs the services of a dry cleaner. Imagine you keeping a shop near him. He might be your first customer. I know you are already seeking this opportunity to start up a dry cleaning business. You are at the right place

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to start a dry cleaning business. Just scroll down the article.

Is Dry Cleaning Business Profitable in Nigeria?

Yes is the answer. As earlier said clothes are worn every day for different occasions and they must be washed after use. So you will make a lot of money in it. Imagine charging the rate of #300 per cloth. Then you have up to 30 customers daily coming to patronize you. You have #300 × 30 = 9000 daily. Then multiply it in a month. You have a lot of money in your account that can put food on your table and also solve other problems.


Can I Start A Dry Cleaning Business With Little Capital?

The answer is yes. Starting a dry cleaning business doesn’t require much capital. It’s not like a provision store where you can purchase what you sell to your customers. No. Starting a dry cleaning business doesn’t require much capital. Just get your basin, hangers, detergents, iron, etc. As time goes on, you will add others.

How to start a Dry Cleaning business in Nigeria

Every business has its specific way of beginning it. The Dry cleaning business pattern of starting could be a little way different from others. Below is how to start a dry cleaning business.

#1. Training

Starting a dry cleaning business is different from home laundry.  You need to have experience or training in the dry cleaning business. Truth be told, you can hire a professional to work for you but it is more profitable starting as a trained personnel ,it will be more advantageous to be the master of your work.

#2. Capital

Indeed, starting a dry cleaning business doesn’t require much capital but you should have money at hand. It will be used to secure a place, buy laundry equipment, detergents, etc. A shop with an annual rent of N100k is a good one,and gathering the basic things like hangers,buckets,basins,detergents,iron,generator etc.

#3. Location

Here, you survey the environment. Search for places where people are very busy with work. a populated city is a good one, then choose a ood location like lagos,ibadan,abuja,portharcourt. But where you dont have money to open a shop,you can start from your house,You can open a shop provided that it’s a very open place where people pass frequently. proximity of the shop should be close to shops, schools, offices, and many other places where you can easily get your first potential clients.

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#4. Equipment

Try to buy the equipment needed for a dry-cleaning business like washing, cleaning, ironing, machines, tables, etc. Set them depending on how large your shop is.

#5. Registration

To make your business official, you can register it with corporate affairs commission,this will help you to get a business account and then you can have an online presence,with this you are safe to accept order online,without any fear. .

Final Thought

As earlier mentioned, the dry cleaning business is non-seasonal. You can start it and see money coming your way. The most important thing is to secure a good place to start and make it comfortable and attractive for your customers.

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