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Many people today often become confused about which business to start. Well it’s not about starting  business alone. How profitable is it? Is it something you can do?

Before you venture into any business at all, you should endeavour to do research first. Many businesses have gone into extinction as a result of a lack of this. Some businesses are pretty profitable, and some are average in terms of profit-making.

However, it’s not only about a business being profitable, it’s about how you run the business. Most of the richest businessmen don’t even run businesses that make a huge profit per sale, rather it’s small profits times plenty of customers. Well, that’s a topic for another day because you are actually on this page to learn about profitable businesses you can start in 2022.

Some of these profitable ventures require you to possess some  skills, while others might not. These are actually the profitable business to start in Nigeria this 2022 , businesses you can start with little capital yet make huge profits.

1. Real Estate Agency

No doubt, the real estate business is booming really big. When we talk about the real estate business, it’s not about starting a real estate company alone. There are lots of ways you can tap into the real estate industry, and starting your own agency is one of them.

What makes this spectacular is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. With just some government registration and a small office space, you can kick-start as a real estate agent. But first you need to understand how it works before you start, so we advise you do research or learn from someone who’s already in the business.


Your job as a real estate agent is to connect property seller to buyer, buyer to seller, landlord to tenant, and so on.You earn commission known as an agency or referral fee through this.

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a very lucrative and promising business. The business is capable of raking in millions in a matter of months. However, depending on the size of the farm desired, it can be quite costly to set up. But, profit is huge as long as there’s no issue of flu and other killer poultry diseases.

You can raise different breeds of birds like broilers, turkeys, ducks, cockrels, noilers, and even layers, which can lay at least 2 eggs per day. It’s a win-win for you as you earn from selling off grown-up birds and also earn from the eggs they lay.

3. Transportation Business

The transportation business is another profitable business you can start in 2022. Transport is something that’s sorely needed as people are always moving to and fro and travelling from one destination to another.

If you have enough capital, you can purchase, say, 2 to 3 buses for a start and employ drivers. But if you don’t have enough money to buy buses or employ drivers, then you can use your own car and register as an Uber or Bolt driver, indriver or ubi driver. The profits in the transport business will wow you.

4. Fashion Business

The fashion business in Nigeria today is witnessing massive growth with new brands springing up. People are so obsessed with fashion to the point of spending their last dime just to look good.

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Create your own fashion label and create stunning designer clothing. It’s a future business as it may not become successful instantly, but with time and enough publicity, your fashion brand can become known everywhere in Nigeria and beyond.

 5. Laundry And Dry Cleaning

This is one common business that some people do underrate, but the dry cleaning service business is a very profitable venture. What makes it different from other businesses is that you have nothing much to lose in the event of bankruptcy. In addition, start-up capital is relatively low too.

It’s also a business that requires no extra skill. Anyone can become a laundry man. Especially in big cities where there are huge populations, many people have lots of cleaning to do, maybe in their houses, their clothes, or offices. You can do all these things with a team.

6.House Cleaning and Fumigation: This is still an untapped area of business, most especially cities like lagos,porthacourt and Abuja experience massive new houses, so both post construction janitorial services and office cleaning fetches a lot of money.yoi can open an agency house cleaning business and make your profits, doing market research will help you.

7. WASTE MANAGEMENT AGENCY :In cities like lagos, lawma is the agency of the government that takes care of waste disposal, but do you know that government cannot take care of every waste disposal? Register your own agency and approach the lawma agency to get licensed to be able to collect and dispose waste for the government, the government pay daily on the number of trips per day.

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8.SMALL CHOPS BUSINESS: This is another lucrative business that requires training and very good location to start with ,making your market survey and research will help the success of this business.

9. CAR AGENCY AND DEALERSHIP– Yes in 2022, venturing into car agency and dealership business, still makes one a millionaire, there are fleets of cars available for sale, your job is to market them and bring buyers to the owners of the car.yes it is still one profitable business in Nigeria.

10.Logisitcs and Delivery– The best part is to have your own brand of logistics and delivery company, the industry is very lucrative, but very sensitive to venture into, the requirement set down by Nipost need to be met.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of other profitable businesses you can start. The ones listed here are actually among the most profitable businesses to do in Nigeria in 2022. Some require very low capital, while others might need huge capital to set up.

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