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Venture capital firms are making waves in Nigeria today. This is due to the different start-ups they’ve invested in over the past few years.

According to 2021 stats, it is recorded that venture capital firms in Nigeria invested a huge sum of over N1.8 billion, which is a very big difference when compared with previous years. most businesses making waves today could probably have been struggling without the investments of these venture capital firms. Right now, Nigeria is the destination of top venture capital firms in the world, the drive to capture emerging businesses in Africa continues to grow, both international and local venture capital firms are beginning to spring up in Lagos. The likes of flutterwaves, paystack, piggyvest, and others are portfolios of different venture capital firms.

So if you have been searching for top venture capital firms in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, stop now. We have a list of some of the popular ones you might want to learn more about.

Top Venture Capital Firms In Lagos

1. Future Africa

Future Africa is a venture capital firm founded in 2019. The main aim of the platform is to invest in both startups and growing businesses by providing them with capital, ideas, advice and business coaching across Africa.

Within the past 3 years of existence, Future Africa has invested in close to 40 businesses, which includes both start-ups and growing businesses. Some of which include: flutterwaves, buycoins,, Andela, etc.

2. EchoVC Partners

EchoVC is a venture capital firm founded in 2011. The firm is interested in funding startups, helping them boost sales and market share, and providing them with special advice.


However, EchoVC does not invest in businesses that have yet to become a reality, that is, businesses that are still ideas, but rather in established businesses that are still growing and have the potential to become profitable.

Some of the businesses they’ve invested in include:, kangaroohealth, and Nextcounsel  to mention but a few.

3. Chrysalis Capital

Chrysalis Capital is an investment firm founded in 2019. The company searches for brilliant startups to invest in. Their major targets are startups, which are targeted at global markets, most especially tech startups, and then nurture them, providing them with necessary funding and business guidance.

The company believes in helping to grow startups to become known globally. Aside from tech, they also invest in health, security, agriculture and education. Chrysalis Capital currently boasts of having invested in different startups across 21 countries in the world. Some of their portfolio companies include: Bamboo, Raised, and Bankly.

4. Ingressive Capital (IC)

Ingressive Capital is a VC firm that was founded in 2017. The company looks for brilliant business founders, especially of growing businesses that are still in their prime but with high growth tendencies.

The VC partners with founders, teaches them how to run their business, provides them with ideas and, most importantly, funds them with good capital.

In addition, they also connect startups with new investors and provide strong support.

They invest up to $400,000 in businesses with a max of 10% equity. Some of the businesses they’ve invested in include: bamboo, paystack(not anymore), mono, and onepipe.

5. Microtraction


Microtraction is a venture capital firm founded in 2017. The firm helps new businesses with pre-seed capital, mentoring, and business advice. Microtraction invests mainly in businesses that are technology-operated, with brilliant founders and businesses that have a higher chance of growth.

They invest a minimum of $100k for a 7% equity. Some of their portfolio companies in Africa include: Cowrywise, Sendbox, and 54genes.

6. Venture Platform (vp)

Venture platform is a venture capital firm founded in 2016. The firm is focused on helping startups grow their businesses by providing them with adequate pre-seed and post-seed capital, advice, support and building quality entrepreneurs in Africa.

They started by funding startups with capital for 10% equity and have since invested in over 2000 startups and growing businesses in Africa. A few of those companies include: Paystack, Kudi, Piggyvest, Risevest, etc.

7. LeadPath Nigeria. LeadPath Nigeria is a Nigerian based venture capital firm that focuses on investing seed capital fund, they specialize in providing short, medium and long-term funding to small and medium-sized start-up businesses in high growth technology niche such as software, web and mobile technologies. LeadPath investment focuses on technology entrepreneurs that are solving the real problems. LeadPath average investment fund ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.00 for seed investment and several millions of dollars for follow-on funding series.

8.Henshaw Capital Partners -They provide Private Equity Funds. The company believes a robust private equity and venture capital industry is a key component of a broader financial industry for growing businesses and creating jobs.” Barbara James, Founder, Henshaw Capital Partner s Henshaw promotes the venture capital and private equity industry in Nigeria. check them out via their website.


9.GC FUND-GC fund support high potential, early stage businesses, in essence they can provide you with seed capital for a business you have started, according to the company they are interested in the building of our next generation infrastructure using technology. they have pool of investors ,and accordingly will bring participating investors who will lay to bear their experience, resources and networks together to work for our investees to catalyze their path to growth.

Gc funds have Raised ₦1Bn so far, their portfolios include lifebank,deliverysecience,eduves,drugstoc etc.

10.VEROD-VEROD is another venture capital firm in lagos Nigeria, The company has a wider team composed of a high caliber, diverse group of professionals with complementary strengths and depth of experience in investing and supporting operations of partner companies. verod already has alot of companies in their portfolios.

it is expected that venture capital firms will continue to grow in Nigeria, precisely Lagos, as many startups continues to come up.


Top Businesses that attract venture capital firms are customer fulfilment service and logistics, financial technology services, education technology enhancement, Agricultural-technology solutions, property technology services, medical-technology services e.t.c

The list will continue to grow as Africa, and indeed Nigeria embraces the soft life of digital technology

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