The opportunity to get enrolled into a prestigious business enhancing training from leading successful start ups is here., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

What is YC Start Up school ? YC Start up school is a live, online course where YC Group Partners and successful YC founders teach you how to build a billion dollar company.

This is an annual program by YC Group, every founder, start up and business owner and non business owners to meet.

The program enhances growth insights from divergent industry leaders and successful start ups.

YC START UP PROGRAMMING COURSES 2022 : during the program the registered participants are exposed to alot of opportunities.

YC School start up program courses are: Live talks and Q&A Session over Zoom by YC group partners, covering the core topics all founders should know, from getting and vetting startup ideas to planning your MVP to fundraising.

The YC school start up also encourgaes co-founder matching, to enable would be business owners gain from wealth of investors.

Another YC School start up course is Weekly video calls to meet other founders in the course.this is done by in their over 50 seminar locations.

Another YC school start up course is Local in-person meetups and talks by YC alumni in 50 cities all over the world.

To register for this years program kindly follow ,create an account be ready for the program,Registration is now open for the Startup School 2022 course, which will run for 7 weeks from Monday, June 27th to Wednesday, August 10th.

IN PERSON MEET UPS FOR MOST SUCCESSFUL YC ALUMNI holds in the offices of the alumni.

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Amsterdam – MessageBird

Atlanta-Flock Safety

Austin – Gecko Robotics

Austin – Jasper

Bangalore – RazorPay

Bogota – Frubana

Boston – Centaur Labs

Cairo – Instabug

Cambridge, UK – Supplant

Chicago – Tovala

DC – Numero

Dubai – Baraka

Jakarta – Xendit

Lagos – Paystack

London – Humanloop

London – Monzo

Los Angeles – UpKeep

Mexico City – Beek

Mexico City – Nuvocargo

Miami – WayUp

Mumbai – Zepto

New York City – C16 Biosciences

Paris – Algolia

Pittsburgh – Gecko Robotics

San Francisco – Embark Trucks

San Francisco – Stripe

Sao Paulo – Hubla

Singapore – Spenmo

Tel Aviv – Guesty

Toronto – Rose Rocket

These successful startups are hosting in person meet ups during the course of the program in their various offices.

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