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Looking for the best and most affordable air-transit experience? Stress yourself no further, as Aero Contractor Airlines is here to give it to you bumper to bumper, without hesitation. It is a company built on trust and consistency in service. It’s a known fact that anything built on trust stands on a strong foundation and can never slack in its commitment and focus.

With its strength seen That’s why the opportunity to travel with FlyAero remains memorable on the walls of the hearts of many. Started out some decades ago, FlyAero has remained a force to be reckoned with in the aviation industry with many years of service.

The aviation company has continued in its zeal to build an unparalleled reputation for itself. Making sure that their passengers enjoy every single experience. It has never once ignored the importance of adaptation to the changes, which is a problem facing other airlines. The quest to stick and seek customers’ satisfaction is a beacon that has guided the air giant thus far. With FlyAero, passengers and their luggage are in safe hands.

The renowned Nigerian carrier, Aero Airlines, operates with a primary focus on delivering top-notch aviation services to its esteemed clientele. Esteemed passengers are bestowed with exceptional in-flight amenities, unparalleled affordability in ticket pricing, and exemplary customer interactions, resulting in an overall superior travel experience.

Aero Airlines flight routes within Nigeria

In order to ensure not to leave any stone unturned, Aero Airlines has taken it upon itself to crush the gap hindering the connection between the different people across various parts of the country. There is no lie about the airline covering several corners of the nation. At present, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Kano, Warri, Sokoto, and Lagos are the places where the carrier flies. Also having the aim of adding more cities to their destinations—all to ensure that limitations are crushed to the lowest minimum.


International Transition with Aero Airlines

For those traveling out of the shores of Nigeria for their various endeavors, it is saddening that the airline doesn’t provide such services at the moment. You can try other trust-worthy airlines that have the same vision as Aero Airlines, which is to ensure the safety of the passengers and their luggage as they fly.

Travelers are conveyed aboard Aero Contractors’ array of 15 fixed-wing aircraft, which encompasses the Dash 8 (50 passengers) and Boeing 737-400/500 (144 passengers). In addition to its role in passenger transportation, the airline is actively engaged in numerous offshore oil and gas initiatives, employing a fleet of helicopters for these specialized operations.

Additionally, FlyAero upholds a comprehensive baggage policy that ensures customer convenience and satisfaction. The airline permits passengers to check their baggage, adhering to the prescribed weight allowance. Any checked luggage exceeding this stipulated limit will incur an excess baggage fee, which is determined by the weight of the baggage in question.

Aero Airlines flight prices

The airline’s one-way routes’ lowest prices, depending on the destination, are as follows:

Lagos – Abuja = N91,905

Lagos-Port-Harcourt= N110,952

Lagos- Kano =N82,857

Asaba – Lagos = N71,095.

Note that the prices listed here are only the price for business class and it’s not fixed. A return ticket may cost more and price for both return and arrival tickets are subject to change any time.

The recognized and highly regarded Nigerian carrier, Aero Airlines, steadfastly maintains its unwavering commitment to delivering unrivaled and world-class aviation services to its esteemed customers. Regardless of class, passengers can expect to receive top-notch quality and personalized services throughout their entire journey. From the moment of boarding, customers are greeted with exceptional in-flight amenities, accompanied by a noteworthy emphasis on competitive and affordable ticket prices. Furthermore, Aero Airlines takes great pride in fostering and nurturing exceptional customer relations, ensuring that each passenger feels valued and acknowledged at every touchpoint during their travel experience.

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In terms of baggage allowances, Aero Airlines adheres to stringent guidelines to ensure passengers’ safety and convenience throughout their journey. For business-class passengers, the checked baggage allowance is set at a generous limit of 30 kg, providing ample space for passengers to conveniently carry their belongings. Economy class passengers, while still benefiting from Aero Airlines’ exemplary services, maintain a checked baggage allowance of 20 kg, ensuring their essential items and personal belongings are comfortably accommodated.

To further enhance the travel experience, Aero Airlines permits passengers in both economy and business class to carry one piece of hand luggage. It is essential to note that this hand luggage must adhere to specific dimensions, limitations, and weight restrictions. The on-board cabin baggage allowance requires that the luggage does not exceed 6 kg in weight, and the dimensions must not surpass 33 cm x 20 cm x 45 cm in size.


Traveling by air is one of the best ways to start your vacation. You get to relax, chill, and have fun while on air. The feeling is unmatched anywhere. Take a cue from others who made the right decision by choosing affordable and fun-filled means of transportation. Consider trying Aero Contractor as an option with no regrets.

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