United Nigeria Airline Bookings Price and Flight Schedule

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There is no denying the beauty of opting for an airplane among all other means of transportation available at one’s disposal. Aside from convenience and comfort, bet you don’t want to debate speed among other benefits one tends to enjoy when traveling by air.

The reliability is second-to-none. It’s crazy and amazing to take in all the exciting experiences one tends to devour at one’s leisure. The emotional state is grand. Imagine closing your eyes to the hustles and bustles that nag and opening them to feel the energy and calmness of the sky.

This grandeur is effortless when you make the right decision. So many people are always faced with the fear of making the right choices—conscious choices. This might be due to their past experiences with different people or organizations, as the case may be. That’s why United Nigeria Airlines is here to ease your anxiety and displeasure.

United Nigeria Airlines

United Nigeria Airlines was established in the year 2020, a time when there was a surge of disappointment across various sectors. An organization that saw the plight of flight passengers and took the mantle to bring an end to the worrisome situation.

Fully incorporated and certified, United Nigeria Airlines Company Limited believes in accuracy, reliability, and the comfort of their clients. Building a network of customers and well-wishers around the nation, the airline trusts that action speaks louder than words, which is why they are standing tall above their peers. It is one of the fastest-growing and most trustworthy aviation bodies in Nigeria, with the mission and vision of taking you to your various destinations without difficulty.


Traveling across different parts, especially the major cities of the nation, becomes easy with United Nigeria Airlines. Defending its name, the aviator’s goal is to properly seal the unity and peace of the country through the efforts of their staff and the corporation’s esteemed clientele. This is attainable through bridging the gap between the geopolitical zones of Nigeria—networking.

From the east to the west, from the south to the north, they got you covered. The airline was founded on the basis of ensuring that all passengers, regardless of their destinations, are treated with the utmost respect and care.

We all know how hard the situation at hand is, and not getting the value of our money is quite frustrating. It’s like a day robbery. People who truly know the worth of their money—considering the sweat involved—know where to go to quench their thirst for quality. You don’t have to sweat getting your money or spending it.

Experience the joy that comes with spending. United Nigeria Airlines is of Nigeria, by Nigerians, and for Nigerians. Apart from what the company stands for, which is quality and care for all its passengers, their ever-happy staff are not only customer-friendly but also efficient and hardworking—making sure the movement of their passengers is not obstructed by ineptitude.

United Nigeria Airlines Relationship with Other Airlines

In order to boost efficiency and productivity, United Nigeria Airlines deemed it fit to cooperate with other aviators in the industry. In order to enhance their services and operations, United Nigeria Airlines sealed a partnership with Sabre, a renowned tech company, to ensure easy online bookings.

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The aviation giant—United Nigeria Airlines—is seen breaking boundaries through their partnership with aviation giants like Asky Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. All for the sake of giving wonderful treats to their teaming clients.

United Nigeria Airlines routes include the following:

  • Lagos-Asaba-Lagos
  • Lagos-Abuja-Lagos
  • Lagos-Port Harcourt-Lagos
  • Abuja-Asaba-Abuja
  • Lagos-Yenagoa-Lagos
  • Lagos-Enugu-Lagos
  • Abuja-Owerri-Abuja
  • Lagos-Owerri-Lagos
  • Abuja-Yenagoa-Abuja
  • Abuja-Enugu-Abuja
  • Abuja-Port Harcourt-Abuja

Book with them today

Booking is easy, simple, fast, and convenient like no other. Just by logging in to reservations@flyunitednigeria.com, you get to be updated on the necessary information concerning reservations and questions with clarity. With simple taps and clicks, you are done booking your flight—booking icons are available for easy access.

Also, feel free to ask those mind-boggling questions that collapse the fence of doubt and double-mindedness. The answers to your innumerable questions are always ready to be grasped. They are there to ease your burden and make your worries and transits lighter than you anticipated.

You can make payments at your own accord with your Visa or MasterCard, wherever you are. Worried about how else to get in touch? Worry no more, as getting in touch is made easier simply by dialing the following phone numbers:




The aforementioned digits are for calls only.

Do well to email them via the following means:




Traveling by air is undeniably fun and worth the experience. People’s preferences and choices of travel vary, but one cannot dispute the fact that, among its equals, air travel remains the best. Considering the speed, which is second to none, the convenience, or the state-of-the-art comfort that comes with it, choosing suitable airlines with a good reputation to fly makes it more fun, regardless of the time.

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