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When it comes to transportation in the United States, public transportation has become the best alternative to air transportation for many people, both for long and short distances. Why is this? Bus transport is relatively cheaper when compared to air transport, irrespective of the distance it travels.

Many of these public transportation companies have, over the years, stepped up and provided them with the kind of luxury they cannot have when traveling with any other means of transportation.

Toilets, free WiFi, air conditioning, a power outlet, and others are present in most of their buses. Plus, they have different grades of buses for different categories of people—executive, first class, regular, you name it.

For us to grade some of these transport companies, things like the number of coaches they possessed, the quality, the cheapness, as well as the routes each of them covers, were put into perspective.

When it comes to the best bus company, you give it to Greyhound, as they have almost everything a modern bus company should have. While, in the Northeast, Peter Pan dorminates.

Here is a list of the top public transportation companies in the USA.

1. Greyhound

Greyhound is currently rated as the biggest public transportation or bus company in the US. The company covers most US cities, including rural areas, with the exception of two states: Hawaii and Alaska. The location coverage presently is around 2400.

Most of their buses have amenities like toilets and free WiFi; seats are reclinable; and buses are fully air conditioned.

Greyhound was sold in 2021 by its original owners to an European-based transport company, Flixbus, which started its operation in the United States in 2018. Fortunately, the brand name “Greyhound” didn’t change.


2. Adirondack Trailway

Adirondack is another big business in the United States transport world. It is recognized by the New York Trailway logo. The company mostly covers 46 cities that have links to New York City. They also reach a couple cities in Canada, especially Montreal and Toronto.

What makes the company unique despite operating only around New York routes only, is that they have the best customer care service. They easily reply to any mail, Facebook message, tweet, or phone call within a short time.

Additionally, buses are equipped with good amenities like restrooms, reclinable seats, air conditioning, free WiFi, and wheelchair lifts.

3. Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines is a major public transport company in the heart of the United States. They cover 14 states, right from Texas down to North Dakota.

Their buses are equipped with good restrooms, free WiFi, power outlets, reclining seats, and air conditioning.

4. Peter Pan

Popular identified with the Peter Pan bedtime story. Peter Pan covers over 34 routes, which include Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, the District of Columbia, and New York.

Most of their buses have amenities like restrooms, air conditioning, reading lamps, free WiFi, and power outlets. Peter Pan Bus Company is also known to own one of the newest buses with great amenities.

5. Red Coaches

Popular for three different premium classes of buses. Red Coach covers major destinations like Houston, Dallas, and Austin in Texas and Miami and Orlando in Florida.

They provide buses with restrooms, power outlets, air conditioning, and free WiFi.


Premium offers: First and business class buses are provided with an LCD, reclinable seats, a footstool, and a snack box.

6. Barons Bus

Barons Bus is popular for their dominance across major cities in the Midwest.

They cover routes like Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, and Indiana.

Barons Bus buses have exquisite amenities like restrooms, GPS trackers, LCD monitors, power outlets, etc.

7. Best Bus

Best bus is based mostly in New York and Washington, DC. The company is known to provide some of the best public transportation within those axis, covering cities like Vienna, Fairfax, Franconia-Springfield, and Manassas.

Their coaches all have great amenities like free WiFi for all passengers, a power outlet, air conditioning, reclinable seats, and restrooms.

8. Our Bus

Our bus is popular for its great customer care service, flexibility, and rescheduling policies. The company is also known for offering exquisite transport facilities, which they do in order to make their customers comfortable.

The company covers many routes across the United States, which include Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, amongst many others.

Their coaches are well equipped with a GPS tracker, air conditioning, free WiFi, restrooms, and reclinable seats. Also, passengers are offered free bottled water.

9. Go Buses

Go Buses is a transport company known for offering top-quality transport services. Its buses reach places like Manhattan, Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Their coaches all have these amenities inside: clean restrooms, air conditioning, bathrooms, reading lamps, luggage storage, free WiFi, and reclinable seats.

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10. Southeastern Stages

Southeastern Stages buses run through major routes like South and North Carolina and Georgia.

Their buses have air conditioning, free WiFi, reclining seats, and clean restrooms. Southeastern Stages is known to have one of the best and most friendly staffs.

Other Top Public Transport Companies

1. Express arrows

2. Flixbus

3. Bieber Tourways

4. Bus Lynx

5. Lux coach

6. The jet

7. Tufesa

8. Wanda Coach

9. Washington Deluxe

10. Super tours

11. Yankee lines

12. Miller Transportation

13. Turimex International

14. Lamers Bus lines

15 ACN buses

Bottom Line

The public transportation business is growing really fast compared to what it used to be. Some people have made travelling in a public transport an alternative to traveling in their cars or by air.

Now, most of these bus companies have the luxury and treatments that you can’t get easily. WiFi, restrooms, power outlets, readjustable seats, air conditioning, and other luxuries are now inside many of their buses, thus making public transportation more fun and classic.

Aside from the service rendered by these companies, their businesses also help indirectly in reducing traffic in busy cities like New York and California.

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