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Business name registration can be done without visiting cac office in your location. the process of registering your business name has been simplified and digitalized. in the course of writing this article we shall bring you up to speed on how you can register your business name in Nigeria., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The business name registration is the job of cac accredited agents. An accredited cac agent is an authorized cac personnel to do various tasks for the purpose of compliance with cac standard rules.

As a business starter or owner you need to be acquainted with what a name is to cac?

A business Name is a name or style that you can do business with,or you are doing business with already.

The Names according to cac for the purpose of registration supposed to be Unique, Not Similar with an existing Name and not conflicting with a name registered with cac.


The corporate Affairs commission reserves the sole right to approve and disapprove the name, you submitted for the purpose of registration.

in any event, a name you submitted is found similar or conflicting with an already existing registered name, the commission will send you a notice of disapproval of the name.

The commission will also not allow Registration of Business name that are found to have representation of government Agency or parastatal.


A business name can be registered as a partnership or sole proprietor, a sole proprietor is a single owner or administrator of business name. while a partnership entails a joint administration of a business name by two persons, whether an active individual partner or corporate partner.


A business name is usually ended with the suffix “Enterprise or Venture ” for example , Biohood Business Ventures or Biomart Business Enterprise”.

A business name requirement for the purpose of registration with cac, is that the applicant must submit

The Proposed Business Name

The Proposed Business Address

Proprietor Passport Photo

Proprietor Identity card

Proprietor Residential Address.

The propretor NIN

The Proprietor date of Birth

Proprietor Nature of business

The proprietor signature

The proprietor email and phone number.

The process of registration is faster when the above is completed, and the duration is 10 working days at max.

The Business name pricing is N25,000.

Benefits of Registering your business name

The benefits cant be over emphasized, you will get legal status as a business registered in Nigeria.

In addition, other businesses and companies can now work with you when they find out you have completed registration with government.

Also you can open a business account with your certificate and also go on to apply for business visa with your business name certificate to any embassy.

Do you want to get started, we are here to provide an assist.

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