cac post incorporation ,a word most accredited cac agents and non cac agents try so much to familiarise themselves with.

what is cac post incorporation, cac post incorporation is a term associated with the activities carried on with corporate affairs commission by accredited cac agents or customers after the registration of their company, business name or incorporated trustees. in essence, it means that every activity you want to do with corporate affairs commission after they have registered your business or company, or organization is called cac post incorporation. you will get to know cac post incorporation fees, cac post incorporation search, and cac post incorporation login, as well as cac post incorporation requirements.

Cac Post incorporation under the old dispensation was more of paper and forms filing, unlike the extant practice, the current practice is now digital.

In the past era, one will literally be visiting cac office every day, to fill the forms, and submit them with cac staff for registering, the que was something else, and most occasion one will be asked to search by himself/herself from the long list of companies on the ledger.

cac post incorporation portal birthed a new era, now one can obtain cac post incorporation services through cac post incorporation login.

we shall highlight the popular sought after cac post incorporation services in Nigeria.

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There are a lot of cac post incorporations filings, but these are the most popular post incorporation activities.

The following are steps for filing of cac post incorporation

Under this current dispensation, cac post incorporation filings are digital, meaning that to file the post incorporation, you need to know something about digital technology.

We are giving you a run down on how to start the post incorporation.

i. Create an account with cac post incorporation if you are an accredited cac agent.

ii. If you are not an agent with cac, find out requirements for becoming one.

iii. Login to cac post incorporation login portal

iv. Locate the search bar and type in the name of business name or company or incorporated trustee.

v. Navigate to the column to see the specific Cac post incorporation you want to file.

vi. Click and and begin to follow the steps to file the forms and upload documents where necessary.

vii. Completing the forms, proceed to payment page and make your payment.

Vii. Submit your application and wait for Approval.

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