cotent writing jobs in lagos

Content writing involves a process where a person intentionally creates, edicts an article, blog post for purpose of spreading information which can be useful in digital marketing., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

A content writer performs his job like an artist and already has message he intends to pass to the web visitors.

A content writer gains much where the content meets the standard requirement of a rich content.

A rich content is written in foresight, and is endowed with images, and videos in certain occasion.

Features of a well written content

in becoming a content writer, the writer has the purpose of the brand he/she is representing in mind.

in achieving this purpose, the content writer must do the following.:

i. Competitor Analysis

ii. Keyword research for the niche chosen by the client.

iii. long and researched based content.

iv. Website blog audit.

A content writer gains traffic to the blog and helps in building the brand of the client where the article is properly structured.

A brief explanation of the job role of a content writer is competitor analysis.

Every business or organization has a competitor, a content writer steals the general terms, and helps you to build your brand on them.

The solution a content writer provides is make your competitors clients check on you when they go to search engine like google, Bing and yahoo.

Content Writing pricing in lagos

A content writer in Lagos can choose to write on hourly basis on write per word count basis.

Do you need the services of a content writer in Lagos, we can help you, we write seo friendly blog contents.


These contents are suitable for your website to increase sales, leads and branding of your services or products.

In this industry, content is the king, and daily we have millions of web users, who uses search engine, to resolve their query.

Content writing job pricing in Lagos ranges from N5.5 per word, depending on your required word count, the minimum blog post, word count is six hundred words. on any occasion, you choose per hour, it is N5000 per hour.

Contents are very important; a content can be monetized by the web owner and can generate revenue for the web owner.

Website monetization can only happen when there is at least a content on the web blog.

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