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Social media has been another platform where individuals make a huge sum of money.

Talking about making money on social media such as Facebook has left Many doubting on whether one can legitmately make money on facebook.

This Post is meant to be mind empowerment outreach, in 2022 it is not a lie that you can make money on Facebook. To make money on Facebook looks like it is only the tech gurus that can make it, at the end of this post, you will understand that facebook wants everyone to become empowered and make money while socializing with friends.

How to make Money on Facebook requires steps and intention.

You need to be intentional about it and follow the right steps, while others are just there for fun, you are having fun, socializing with friends and building your brand. First step that you need to take is to

#1. Create an account On Fcaebook ,while you have intention of making money on facebook,you need to be member of the platform,by creating an account with facebook.

The rise of social media has lessened the gap in reach, virtually everyone has one account on social media platform or another. social media giant Facebook has over two billion and nine hundred people use Facebook monthly. It has an increasing number of active users more than two billion. And more are still creating an account which creates a huge avenue for you to make money. 

I remember when I started newly on Facebook. I doubted the fact that I can make money on Facebook since the owner isn’t a Nigerian. Although making money on Facebook wasn’t without challenges. I tried everything from affiliate marketing to running ads through messenger to selling my products on the Facebook marketplace to make money. Though but I earn money from it. 


Recently, have numerous ways to make money, especially for entrepreneurs and creators. In this article, you will know how to make money on Facebook. Just keep rolling down. 

Can I Make Money On Facebook? 

The shortest answer is yes. There are numerous ways by which an individual can make money on Facebook. The platform introduced new features that permit entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers, and brands with Facebook pages to make money on Facebook. You shouldn’t be left out. Use this opportunity and start making your money. 

How To Make Money On Facebook 

Truth be told, making money on Facebook needs consistency and dedication. Since there are varieties of ways to make money on Facebook. But I want to mention 6 ways you can make money on Facebook. 

1.  By Selling Products And Services

The first way to start making money on Facebook is by selling products or services in the Facebook marketplace or Facebook Page or group. As a content creator, this method is advantageous to you. Just create relevant and quality content and then complement partners to increase your reach and attract more buyers. Select a product you can sell like _cosmetics, shoes, wears, furniture, jewelry, etc. Post it every day and deliver when needed.  You can also set up a Business Page on Facebook and start displaying your goods and services. How to set up a Facebook page.

Setting Up facebook Page is very easy, just create an account on facebook and navigate to the settings ,and choose create a page

2. Collaborate With Brands

This is another way to make money on Facebook. Some companies and businesses are looking for creators, influencers, and other companies to create awareness, advertise their product to people concerning their brands and also to reach a new audience. So you get paid for helping them sell their products, and earn commission for sales. 



In 2022, you can start earning by creating quality engaging videos on facebook reels, according to Facebook they are willing to pay bonus to the creators for every 1000 impression over 30 days period.

Assuming you create a short video on why Men cheat and then people like the video, and start viewing atleast 1000 times in 30 days ,you make money through facebook, what if you have more than that in a month, boom you have alot of bonus from facebook reels, the minimum payout is $100 per month, making money on facebook is now easier, facebook will pay you even up to thousands of dollars, so long people are viewing your videos.

4. Create A Page And Add Paid Subscription To It

This is another vital way to make money on Facebook. If you don’t have a page, create one then add a paid subscription to it. Asking how to add a paid subscription? Just generate consistent monthly revenue from a fan subscription. this is where you have local services you offer. or you have magazine you publish to your fans on facebook.

It encourages your loyal follower to pay a recurring amount to your page. Remember, fan subscriptions are only ready and available on an invitation basis. Users can unlock fan subscriptions when the number of followers is up to 10,000 followers, 250 or more return viewers, 50,0000 post engagements, and 180,000 watch minutes. Once any of this is implemented, you will start making your money. 

5.  Run Paid Event

You can engage your followers through a live event that they find interesting in their comfort zones. You can schedule, set up, and run events on your page and earn income for every paid event are running.

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Online seminars are permissible, you can monitize it on facebook . 

6. Operate A Facebook Group In Your Niche 

In 2022 Facebook groups can be extremely helpful if you sell useful information. To make money from operating a Facebook group, encourage members to assist each other and share information or ideas. Offer useful content like writing an ebook that concerns making money online. Once the ebook is purchased, you make your money. or may be grow your membership and monetize it by asking for monthly subscription for eligible members.

Final Thought 

Facebook is another app or social media where people earn money. You can make money through it as well by following the ways and being consistent. You can select anyone that you prefer. It could be selling products in the Facebook marketplace or collaborating with brands. If operating a Facebook group in your niche is okay with you, then go ahead. You will make money. Remember to be careful of scammers and deliver your job once being paid. Remember to register your business in Nigeria with cac,if you need cac registration services, contact us via the WhatsApp icon available on the website.

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