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Do you wish to become a bolt driver? Are you confused about how to go about registering? If yes, then you are on the right track.

Bolt is an organization that provides private, cheap, and safe transportation to its numerous customers. It’s quite different from other logistics and transportation businesses. Bolt operates online through their website or app, where customers can book rides to come pick them up and convey them to their destination.

Becoming a registered bolt driver is one lucrative means through which bolt drivers can earn passive, sweet income while doing work that allows them flexibility and convenience. As a bolt driver, you work for an organization but operate as your own boss because you use your own vehicle and are free to choose your working hours. Cool isn’t?

Requirements To Become A Bolt Driver

To become a bolt driver, there are certain things you must possess and have in place before even trying to register.

Some of these include:

i. must be a car owner, and the car should be a model not older than 2003

ii. valid driver’s license

iii. Applicant must have smart phone with GPS

iv. Applicant must have clean criminal record

v. interstate and Hackney permits

vi. Vehicle requirements include:

-Proof of ownership Vehicle insurance

-vehicle inspection reports

-valid license

-the vehicle must be in good shape and roadworthy

-vehicle insurance

How To Register As A Bolt Drive – Procedures


The next step is to register on the Bolt website after you have collected all the necessary paperwork. The first step is to register your information, following which you will receive a message containing all the data on upcoming training and document inspections.

Methods for registering a profile

To sign up, visit the bolt driver registration page.

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To register as a fleet owner, you must possess three or more vehicles.

You will receive a letter in the mail with an invitation to attend an onboarding session after your registration is complete and your documents have been verified.

Auto Inspection

Your vehicle must be examined and certified by one of the inspection facilities registered with Bolt after your registration is complete on the website.

Bolt Firm takes service quality seriously, and in order to guarantee excellence in both the quality of the service and the cars, the company ensures that each vehicle joining the fleet has been approved as being both safe and comfortable to use. To perform your Bolt examination, go to one of the AutoGenius locations mentioned on the website.

The following aspects are examined during the vehicle inspection:

-Brakes and Suspension: The inspection facility examines the alignment, grinding sounds, park light engagement, and shock condition.

-Functionality: This checks that the brake lights, turn signals, electrical components on the dashboard, and headlights are all in good working order.

-Electrical component functionalities: The inspection facility examines the minor components, such as the air conditioner, the state of the floor and foot mats, the car horn, the mirrors and their adjustments, the windscreen wipers (noise-free), and the vehicle audio.

The vehicle needs to smell fresh: Checking the fluid levels in all auto fluids, including the brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, automatic transmission fluid, cabin air filter, and power steering fluid, makes sure that they are all at the proper levels.

-Safety check: The spare tire, jack, hazard warning triangle, fire extinguisher, and other automobile accessories are examined for use in emergencies.

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Check for aesthetic quality: The interior of the car must be spotless, cozy, and equipped with all safety features. Car dents and scratches must not exist on the body or exterior. The trunk must open and close freely, and there must be no cracks in the windshield, windows, or exterior mirrors.

Check your tires to make sure they have the same pressure and pattern.

Any more auto faults may be examined by the inspection center. On Mondays to Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., vehicle inspections are conducted. The cost of each car inspection is roughly N2000 or even more depending on your location. The central location is open for walk-ins as well as appointments. Any nearby inspection location is where you can get it done.

Before going to the inspection center, you must make sure your car is in good shape. Your car won’t be permitted to use the Bolt platform if any of the parameters it meets are below par. You will receive an email containing your AutoGenius Car Examination Report upon the conclusion of the vehicle inspection. For a period of six months, the inspection report is valid.

Assessment for Boarding

You must go to a physical onboarding session, which will take place at a different location depending on your city of operation, in order to complete your registration successfully. On the website for Bolt, the locations are listed. The following documents are required when you visit Bolt for the onboarding session:

-a vehicle

-vehicle registration

-documentation of Insurance

-Identification Documents

-certification of Roadworthiness

-inspection Report for the Vehicle by AutoGenius

-a State Hackney Permit and a vehicle body tag for all routes in Lagos are additional documents.



Click the Bolt YouVerify identification verification link.

Verification can be requested by clicking the button.

For the procedure to start, provide your email, phone number, and location.

Training for Bolt Drivers

Following the Bolt inspection center’s inspection of your car, you must complete the required training. You can begin and finish the Bolt training in the convenience of your own home. You must pass two examinations after watching online video instruction. It normally takes four hours to make your account ready after passing the training and assessments.

Download the Bolt Driver app and begin driving a Bolt

The Bolt Driver app needs to be downloaded on your smart device as the last step. Both iOS and Android devices can run the Bolt app. Log in to the app using your chosen username and password to start using it. Following your purchase, your log-in information will be sent to your email. and also an approval letter.

Before they can start driving, Bolt drivers must fulfill the following requirements:

Requirements of a Bolt Driver

Hold a valid driver’s license

To ensure the quality of your services and proper use of the Bolt driver application, attend driver training.

Driver’s badge, LASRRA card, and LASDRI card are additional documents for Lagos.

With the organization’s pre-existing processes in place, the process of becoming a Bolt driver is made simple. By performing these simple tasks, you can begin making your own money.

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