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All banks in Nigeria are regulated and licensed by central bank of Nigeria. it is indeed the bank of all banks in Nigeria., pub-4436339061114352, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

As a customer of the licensed commercial banks in Nigeria, you will occasionally run into myriads of issues with your bank.

In Nigeria, some banks are notorious for incessant unwarranted debits, from monthly card maintenance fee to SMS fee debits, to monthly inflow account debits, just to mention a few.

All the times citizens are groaning under incessant issues of breach of duty of care, to high handedness of bank staff in Nigeria. The Nigerian Apex bank, the cbn has made it clear that customers are to be protected by these banks at all times.

How to complain to central bank of Nigeria (Cbn) against your bank.

In the event you have issues with your bank, it is first expected that you lodge a formal complaint to your bank through their branch.

All bank branches in Nigeria, has a branch manager who oversees the bank.

It is therefore encouraged that the first step to resolving the issue is to meet the customer care department. if the customer care department fails to resolve it, the branch manager can take it up.

Also All the banks have email address and social media pages, where you can lodge the complaint.

it is advised to only make use of the social media that is either verified or has massive number of followers.

The complaint can be escalated to their email address for customer care complaint as well.


List of Email address of Top Nigerian banks.

#1. ACCESS BANK Email address –

#2. ZENITH BANK Email address –

#3.GUARANTY TRUST BANK Email address –

#4. FIRST BANK Email address –

#5. STANBIC BANK Nigeria Email address –

#6. KEYSTONE Bank Email Address –}

#7.FCMB BANK Email address –

#8. UNION BANK Email

#9.POLARIS BANK Email address –

#10 .WEMA BANK Email address-

#11. FIDELITY BANK Email address-

All the above banks are Top Nigerian banks that have been serving Nigerians for years .

In the event you could not make progress with the complaint you submitted to them, you are entitled to take the issue to central bank of Nigeria.

As a matter of policy, central bank would expect you first contact your bank.

The second step is to approach the central bank, where the bank failed to solve the issue or poorly handled it.

This complaint to cbn is expected to be submitted to them within 14 days after your bank fails to handle the issue.

The cbn email address for general complaint is

In the event the complaint against the bank is in respect of forex, you can reach cbn on,if it is on other matters pertaining to cbn ,reach them via email on

The complaint will receive a reply from them within 24-48 hours of submission of complaint.

The measures put in place by cbn, is to make sure banks fulfil their duty of care, and protection of customer assets and properties within their disposal.


The fastest way to make your bank to react to your complaint, is to go on twitter and put up a complaint .

In the event your bank fails to respond to the issues, tag them with central bank twitter handle and make sure the post goes viral.

You can make your post go viral by subbing your friends to help you retweet it.


No matter how difficult your bank is, there is solution when you follow the proper channel to complain about the issue.

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